Is Corian back?

We are getting really close to finalizing all of the finishes for the modern home.  My client is going super modern for her kitchen, and it is going to be gorgeous.  She is mixing walnut and white lacquer cabinets.  We narrowed down her counters to quartz and Corian.  Quartz is beautiful, but it is super expensive, much more than most granites.  Corian is much more reasonable – it’s priced more in the granite range.  My client fell in love with her friend’s kitchen that has walnut cabinets and Corian counters.  My client finally made the decision last week to use Corian – it’s going to look great.  I think Corian has gotten a bad rap from the 80s – we all kind of associate it with the 80s and all of the loud design.  When it is used with clean modern design, though Corian looks great – it is such a nice, clean look.  With the quartz, most of the choices have bits of the quartz showing.  There aren’t many choices for a totally solid look.

I think with a modern design, where there is little to no ornamentation, granite for the most part doesn’t work.  I think unless you use a granite with a lot of movement, it just doesn’t look right.  In a modern kitchen, the granite would need to be a focal point – it needs to be an exotic granite or a semi-precious stone such as agate used in a slab or as a backsplash.  Granite with an all over pattern feels more traditional to me.

I’ve lived with my granite now for eight years, and I sometimes get tired of it.  It’s the same granite that you see everywhere, New Venetian Gold (looks a lot like Santa Cecilia).  I’m mostly tired of the pattern, it just looks so granite-y.  If you read Maria Killam’s color blog, she often talks about how granite can be bossy.  It’s really true for the granites that have an all over pattern.  New Venetian Gold has been good for me, though, I have to remind myself.  My three boys can be hard on things, so a tough granite is a must.  Also,  even though I wipe the counters all day, someone is bound to leave crumbs or a smear of jelly on the counters.  With my granite, you don’t see every crumb (with some people would say isn’t a good thing!).  I think, though, that now that the boys are getting older, I may replace the counters with marble.  Maybe in a couple of years?


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