Alabama White

On Friday I met a client and her husband at the stone yard to pick their slabs. She’s been considering marble, and we’ve looked at just about every kind of marble there is. I think we went to at least five stone yards together. We were looking at Carrara at first. The problem we were running into is that Carrara has been really grey all over lately, and my client wanted a white marble. We finally found a slab of Carrara that was whiter than the others, and I thought we had a decision made.

My client; however wanted to go to one more stone yard. We went to Daltile to see stone, and she fell in love with the first stone she saw: Alabama White marble. Alabama White is really mined in Alabama, so it’s almost local. It’s a pretty stone, with lots of white with dramatic medium grey veining. My client chose one with lots of movement for the counter on the wall cabinets, and then a slab with a big concentration of veining and then lots of white areas for the island.


In all of our trips to the different stone yards, we found out that the Alabama White quarry is closed and anything that is at the stone yards is all that is left.  That made us a bit nervous that when the time came to pick the stone that it would be gone.  I don’t know if this is true or not, but the word on the street is that a Chinese company bought up the quarry, and that they are selling all of the stone internationally and none in the U.S.


That day we also finalized the flooring (slate) and the cabinet color (White Dove). The only think we really have left to choose is the pendants for over the island and the paint colors in the butler’s pantry. The kitchen is very white, so I think we are going to go a bit darker on the butler’s pantry cabinets. One set of cabinets in the butler’s has glass on top, so we are considering painting it indigo, which would be so pretty.  We start the project in early April, so I’ll post updates as we go along.


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