My new favorite boots

Ok, my Frye boots will not be happy to hear this, but I have a new favorite boot.  I love my Camper boots that I got for Christmas.  They are so awesome! I wore them all winter this year – practically every day. The Campers were not my original choice of boots (don’t tell my Campers that!).  I had been searching for an ankle boot to wear with skinny jeans, and I originally wanted these from Sole Society.

The problem with the boots from Sole Society is that they are so fabulous they sell out quickly.  Size 8 was one of the first sizes to sell out.  I would check the site often, but they never restocked sold out sizes.  I was really bummed.

I decided to branch out to Zappos and see what they had.  I looked for hours to find the cutest ankle boots.  Usually what I would like would be over $300 (which is way over my budget), so I was thrilled when I found the Camper Beetles.

I was so excited to open the box for Christmas (yes, I pick my own Christmas present.)  I was so disappointed when they didn’t fit.  I couldn’t even get my foot all of the way in!  I think they must run a size small (they are made in Majorca, I don’t know if that is why) – because I never have to size up in other brands.  Zappos was really great about the return – they sent me a the next size up before I even returned the ones that didn’t fit!

I’ve put them away for the year, since we are already in the 70s and 80s in Atlanta.  Time to buy my Havaianas for the year! (Gold, please!)


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