Why having no choice in clothing is a good thing

Do you remember high school, when you would be worried what you wore to school, and that you had worn it too recently and everyone would notice?  Well, those days are long over for me.  I floundered for quite awhile to find my personal fashion style.  I really think I knew what my style was when I was 9 years old, and then abandoned it for the next several years.  When I was 9, I loved preppy style:  I  had a kelly green skirt with pink pigs, several Pappagallo purses (telling my age!) and I spent many hours studying the Preppy Handbook.  As I hit adolescence, I tried on all sorts of styles.  I really didn’t find what looks best for me until college.  I really look best in a simple, preppy style.  I love tunics in particular.  For work, I usually wear a tunic in a flowy rayon or cotton with skinny pants.  In the summer I wear flats and in the winter, ankle boots.  For fun, I love to wear cotton indian block tunics with white jeans or shorts with wedges and a chunky necklace.  I don’t wear much jewelry for work – it tends to get in the way when I am measuring a room or hauling samples somewhere.

What I’ve found is that my life is easier since I’ve adopted a uniform.  I pretty much wear a tunic and skinny pants every day.  It is a silhouette that looks good on me.  I think if you find your silhouette, you can easily put together an outfit every day.  I stick with solid color pants and then small print or solid tops.  I really don’t look good in large prints – I’m short, so they overwhelm me.  Banana Republic and J. Crew have been a great source for work shirts. I’d wear this top untucked with some coral skinny pants:

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 6.00.49 AM

For tunics, I love Rickshaw Design. I’d wear this exactly as styled:

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 5.52.21 AM


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