Project updates

I finally got to see the gorgeous kitchen with slate floors and Alabama White marble without paper all over it.  It is gorgeous!  It truly is amazing, and I wish I could share pictures with you. My client doesn’t want pictures on the internet, which is fine, I can understand. So if you want pictures, you’ll have to email me and I’ll share them!  😉 I’m going to help her with the furniture in the kitchen and her living room, so maybe when we are done I can convince her to let me share pictures if I don’t say where the house is?  Fingers crossed!

We’ve also finished the first of the 30s inspired bathrooms. I visited the site today, but I didn’t get pictures because the clients had overnight guests. I’ll get some next time I stop by. It turned out so cute though – very Pottery Barn with lots of shiny metal, glass shelves, gorgeous sconces. It’s a classic.

I’m also working on a kitchen that will have white cabinets with black counters and an island that is gray with Danby Marble. It’s going to be really cute. Once we start construction, I’ll get some photos.

I also helped out some neighbors who were in the middle of renovating two bathrooms and had no cabinets!  I helped them order custom cabinets and pick out pulls, bathroom accessories and a faucet. Install of the cabinets is Monday.

On the horizon I have a super traditional kitchen, a modern linear fireplace and a wine cellar.  Busy is good!


2 thoughts on “Project updates

    1. Thank you for your nice compliment! I am talking with my client about helping her with furniture and curtains in the kitchen and living room – so, hopefully I’ll get pictures then!


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