Winterfell inspired living room

My husband and I love to watch Game of Thrones.  We started a couple of years late, but we caught up with the first two seasons quickly by watching an episode a night! We’ve watched the first two seasons two times, and I want to re-watch seasons three through five as well. The story lines are so rich and complicated that it’s easy to miss something important.

We don’t have cable, so we had to buy HBO Now to watch Season Five, which just ended (tragically, if you haven’t seen it.). My favorite characters are all of the members of the Stark family and Tyrion Lannister. I’m coming around to liking Jamie Lannister – he has grown as a character. He was very selfish and unlikable at first, but he is becoming human as he deals with some very difficult situations. I’ve liked Tyrion from the beginning – he is smart and funny and the most politically astute character in the whole show.  He survives any situation through his ability to read the politics. I think eventually he will be the Hand to Daenerys Targarean. I think she struggles to rule, and can be a bit idealistic – Tyrion will be a big help to her politically. I think understanding human nature and politics is the only way to survive in the seven kingdoms. Cercei Lanister thought she understood politics, but she let things get out of control and now she is paying a harsh price (Shame! Shame!).

All of this talk of politics brings me back to the Stark family. Lack of understanding of politics and the belief that if they play by the rules everything will work out brings down the Stark family again and again. I loved Ned Stark, and I hated how his rule following eventually led to his death. He was offered the Iron Throne many times, if he would play the game, and he never would. Jon Snow, who is supposed to be Ned’s bastard son, (I don’t think he is – I think Ned was hiding Jon for someone who will be revealed later) has the same stubborn fault of refusing to play the political game, which eventually gets him attacked by a faction of the Men of the Nights Watch who are angry that Jon saved the Wildlings (we are holding out hope that he survives!).

The Stark family lived in Winterfell until Ned died and Theon Greyjoy ransacked the castle to impress his father. The Boltons took over Winterfell in Season Three after the Red Wedding (if you haven’t watched Season Three, this is one of the most heartbreaking scenes, until of course the season finale of Season Five, grrr). Under Bolton rule, Winterfell is not the happy warm place it was when the Starks lived there.

I long for the days when all of the Starks were together at Winterfell. Here is a living room inspired by the happier days at Winterfell. They were such a sweet loving family – it has been so hard to see so many of them die (please stop George R. R. Martin!!!). I think Catelyn would love this velvet Knowle sofa in a soft coral red. Since it is so cold in Winterfell, a tapestry would help warm up the stone walls. You need a fur throw too. I like this one – it reminds me of Bran for some reason. (I’ve heard that we will finally see Bran again in Season Six.)

The pale green fortuny pillow maybe was brought back by Ned when he returned from King’s Landing. The barley twist table could be an heirloom Catelyn brought with her to the marriage. The Circa Lighting chandelier brings a bit of a modern touch to the room, but it still feels classic.  What do you think?  Would Catelyn approve?Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 5.54.09 AM


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