How I almost had the police called on me

Have you seen that I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel are working the line in a chocolate factory and the line starts moving faster, they can’t keep up and they start stuffing chocolate in their pockets and mouth? How the chocolate just keeps coming at them and they frantically try to handle it?

I had that same feeling this past week at a client’s house. I had to meet the glass installers at the house one morning because my client was out of town. The installers got there at the same time as me, and they waited on the stoop while I got into the house. I went inside to put in the alarm code and put the dog in the kitchen.

I punched in the code, expecting the alarm to turn off, but it didn’t. I put the alarm code in over and over, no silence – the alarm was still engaged! I double checked my notes – I had the right code! I kept putting it in – the display starts flashing – it turns red – the alarm goes off! I keep putting the code in and it will not stop!

The dog is barking, the alarm is blaring – I am shaking. I go out to the glass installers to tell them I set off the alarm. I don’t know what is going on! Thankfully, the client’s nephew was house sitting, and when I arrived he was leaving for work. He gave me his cell number in case I needed anything and then drove off. Thank goodness he thought to do that!!!! I called him, “I’ve set off the alarm, I’ve got the code, I don’t know how the alarm got set off!” He gave me the safe word to give the to the alarm company when they called on the house phone. The alarm company called, I gave them the word, and the blaring alarm stopped. Whew!

Wait. There’s still that high pitched sound when the alarm is engaged. I waited for it to stop. Certainly the alarm company is going to turn off the alarm, right? I keep waiting for the silence. The alarm is still on!!!!!! I ran to the keypad and put in the code. No silence. I put in the code over and over. The display starts flashing. And, argh! the alarm starts blaring again!!! I called the nephew again – “The alarm is going off again – but I have the code!” He asked what code I have – he says, Oh that’s not it – it’s xyz (it’s not really xyz – I made that up!). Argh! I run into the house, put in the real code, and thank goodness, silence. My hands were shaking and I was sweating as I let the guys in. They were all cool saying – I’ve done that before – no big deal. They were sweet. Never a dull moment, right?

This is the bathroom that was getting glass – Isn’t it cute?


Here’s the shower door:


Here’s the floor- I love how the shower floor has the smaller hex tiles!


Mirror is custom – sconces are from Pottery Barn. Everything else is Kohler.



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