Pantone Fall 2015 predictions

House Beautiful recently put out an infographic about the fall 2015 color trends. I have mixed feelings about this. I know that colors go in and out of style. My grandmother had a burnt orange sectional that was super stylish in the early 70s. My mom loved mauve and sage green in the 80s. My house is a brick ranch built in 1963 – one of the bathrooms originally had flesh tone pink floor tile, sink, toilet and tub. The wall tile is cream with avocado flecks. Yuck! I have a hard time believing that was ever in style! We’ve replaced the sink and the toilet with white, which is somewhat better. We just got the outside of our house painted and then we have to redo our patio out back, which is falling apart and then maybe I can think of redoing the bathroom. It’s always something with an old house!

Anyway, I know color trends come and go, but I just am not loving the colors that are supposed to be on trend this fall. It looks like Pantone made a color palate of colors that coordinate with Marsala (which I’m not a huge fan of). These colors put together on the color wheel feel very early 80s. Sage and Mauve (they can call it Desert Rose, but they aren’t fooling me, it’s mauve!) were the colors that were everywhere in the 80s. They look so old fashioned to me, I don’t think I could decorate with them.

To me, the Pantone colors look more fashion driven. I know that color used in fashion will influence interior design, but I don’t see how these can translate. It might be that I personally prefer more clear colors. I would wear a few of the colors: Reflecting Pond, Amethyst Orchid and Stormy Weather. These feel like nice fall colors that would look good with jeans and boots.

The more I look at the Pantone Predictions, I can see some of the individual colors being used in decor, but I wouldn’t put them together, I’d pair them with some neutral:

Cadmium Orange – I see this being used in a Palm Beach style home with lots of white furniture and leaf fabrics.

Cashmere Rose – not my favorite – it feels to 80s to me.

Amethyst Orchid – I could see this used in a very traditional home, but only dialed way down – much paler, almost pale gray

Dried Herb – maybe in a mountain house?

Desert Sage – would look good much paler as a neutral wall color.

Stormy Weather – this one is pretty – I think this is a versatile color.

Oak Buff – this reminds me of the gold and avocado appliances. No.

Marsala – never liked this one, even though it’s the Pantone color of the year.

Biscay Bay – cute for accents – would also look good lighter.

Reflecting Pond- this makes me think of Ralph Lauren decor

Color is such a personal preference – I tend to prefer more clear colors for accents. Who knows, maybe these colors will grow on me?



2 thoughts on “Pantone Fall 2015 predictions

  1. I agree, these colors look very dated and definitely look more fashion focused, although the washed down hues are typically hard to wear for most people. I think the idea this year is to calm the senses, pair down and become more subtle in color choices for your lifestyle. I love the way you suggest to use the individual colors – it makes more sense to me.


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