Painted brick

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I’ve been wanting to paint the exterior of my house for years. My house is a 60s ranch burger that is cute, but doesn’t have much architectural interest. The brick is pretty nice, though – I think it was reclaimed brick, so it was interesting in a rustic way.

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I’ve been pinning pictures of exteriors of homes where the brick has been painted for years now. There is just something elegant about brick painted a creamy gray-white. I have nothing against natural brick – I love a classic brick Georgian or Federal home – timeless.

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There is a house we drive by on our trips to Trader Joe’s. The house is in an area of Atlanta called Virginia Highlands that is full of 20s and 30s homes. The house is so cute has painted brick – it’s a creamy white – gorgeous. Every time I saw it, it made me want to paint my home.

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A neighbor down the street painted her ranch a sage green a couple of years ago, and another neighbor painted her house a charcoal gray last year. Their houses looked so good, it really inspired us to get our act together and get our house painted.

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We decided to pull the trigger and get our house painted. We were wayyyyy overdue. We hadn’t had the trim painted since we moved in 12 years ago. It was looking kinda shabby.



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So two weeks ago, we went ahead and called our painter and told him to paint the brick and trim. I love how it looks so much. But you know, there is kind of a domino effect when you make improvements to your home. The old stuff just doesn’t look good anymore. Now I need new lanterns for the front, a new knocker, knob and deadbolt, numbers, etc. New landscaping (argh!). The list just keeps getting longer. I have a little stash of decorating money, so I think I can swing the lanterns and a few other things. We’ll see!

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5 thoughts on “Painted brick

  1. I absolutely love your house and the house you liked in Virginia Highlands. Could you tell me the exterior paint colors?

    Thank You


    1. Hi Adrienne

      Thanks for the kind words about my house! I’ve loved having painted brick – it’s freshened up my house so much. Here are my paint colors:

      Brick BM Gray Mist OC-30
      Trim BM Gray Mist 25% formulation
      Gutters SW Black Fox SW7020
      Front door BM Woodland green 459
      Shutters SW Black Fox SW7020


      1. Hi! Which one of these beautiful photos above is yours? I love them all, but specifically want the color combo for the pic that shows the green planters and gold doormat on the front porch. I am getting my brick exterior painted this week and am trying to decide on a color scheme. Thanks!


        1. Sorry for taking such a long time to respond! I wish that were my house – it’s so pretty. I don’t know the color for sure, but the door looks like it may be Sherwin Williams Acier or Dorian Gray. The house looks like a lighter version, maybe Repose Gray? My one tip is to put up several large patches of paint on the brick and live with it for awhile before you paint the whole house. It took us about a week to decide the color of our brick. We used Benjamin Moore Gray Mist OC30 on our brick. Our shutters are Sherwin Williams Black Fox and our door is Benjamin Moore Woodland Green (it looks more like aqua). BM Ballet White is also a color that looks great on brick.


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