The black and white kitchen – finished!

We finished the black and white kitchen a few weeks ago. I think it turned out so cute! My clients were super sweet to deal with – it really was a pleasure working with them. Their house is a 1930s bungalow that had the kitchen updated some time in the 80s, and hadn’t been updated since then as far as I could tell. The kitchen is actually quite large for a house this old. When the guys did demo, it became evident that the kitchen was added on at some point. When they tore out the pantry – we could see the former exterior wall between the current dining room and kitchen. Because of that we lost six inches in the new cabinetry pantry.


My clients really cared about getting the colors right, so we met a lot to talk color. I think I came together well. The island counter is Mountain White Danby Marble – it dictated the cabinet and wall colors.


I really like how my client wanted the island to be a different color than the surrounding cabinets. We spent a lot of time picking that gray!


There’s a huge pantry next to the fridge. We had to shorten it a bit because of the former exterior wall jutting into the kitchen, but it’s still huge. The fridge and range are by KitchenAid.


She had to have a Kohler Whitehaven farmhouse sink – love it!


Wine storage and microwave drawer in the island.


We had a bench made with drawers to store shoes by the back door.

Farmer 7

Here’s a picture with the client’s styling – notice the herringbone pattern in the tile.

Farmer 2

Here’s another picture with the client’s styling. She agonized over the bar stools. These stools from World Market were some of the first ones we talked about. I’m so glad my client went with these – they are so cute.

I think this kitchen came together well. The colors and finishes are timeless – I think you can’t go wrong with black and white and subway tile!



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