Kaufmann Mercantile

Hello!  I hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend! We had a both busy and lazy weekend. Fridays are full with high school football this time of year. Our oldest plays in the marching band, and we like to go to his home games to see him perform. Saturday, my parents were in town, so we had dinner at my brother’s house. Parker smoked some pork to make pulled pork bbq, which was off the chiz-ain! We had leftovers tonight and they were delicious!

Sunday we celebrated my middle son’s birthday and Monday we did absolutely nothing other than going to the pool for a bit. It was lovely. I have a tendency to keep doing things during my time off, whether it’s social events or home repair/upkeep and I can wear myself out. Parker was noticing that I was starting to do that Monday, and insisted that I take it easy. I’m glad I listened!

Right now, we are working on planning a getaway to NYC this fall. We haven’t been there since I was pregnant with #3. My aunt and uncle lived in Times Square at the time and had (and still have) a house in the Berkshires. We stayed in the city for a few days and then stayed at my aunt and uncle’s house. The Berkshires were awesome – we went to the Norman Rockwell Museum and Edith Wharton’s house, The Mount (which has a room designed by Bunny Williams, one of my favorite designers!). An extra special treat was that we woke up to snow on Thanksgiving, which is a huge novelty to us folks living south of the Mason Dixon.

 Here is the dining room designed by Williams:
Love the modern art and rug mixed with the french chairs and elaborate plaster work.
Gorgeous plaster work.
There is a little gift shop in the lower level where I purchased a copy of “The Decoration of Houses.” It’s been awhile since I’ve read it, I think it’s time to give it a look again!
Charlotte Moss also did a room at the mount. Here is the drawing room Moss designed:
 I love how it feels so fresh and light.
Again, notice the intricate plasterwork.

I love the broken pediment over the door.

Thinking back on our trip seven years ago, and our upcoming trip to NYC, I’ve been coveting a cute weekend bag. I really don’t have a good duffel bag for weekend trips. I have a small suitcase, but it can be annoying because it is not squishable. For most weekend trips, Parker and I share a duffle that my dad got for free when he was managing the marketing for a major company’s presence at the Nagano Olympics, so it’s a freebee with the Nagano logo. Not terribly stylish.

I love the duffels at Kaufmann Mercantile.

I think my favorite is this canvas and leather one in Mustard. The dark brown is pretty cute too!

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.40.13 PM

They definitely have a bit of masculine edge, but not too much.

I LOVE the Palm Carryall.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.39.16 PM

This really is the perfect summer bag. The longer handle would work well for me. I’m not a forearm bag carrier – I really need it to be able to be carried on the shoulder. It’s just more practical for me.

Kaufmann Mercantile also has beautiful home accessories – they are thoughtfully designed and gorgeous. Everything they carry is well designed. Maybe I’ll get a new duffel for Christmas? 😉




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