Does the sink need to line up with the range hood in a kitchen?

 I’m one of those people who likes symmetry if I can have it. Does the top kitchen feel symmetrical? It does to me, but it’s really not symmetrical. The kitchen actually has more cabinets to the left of the range hood. I think it feels symmetrical because the hood is centered on the island. The hood may be centered on the room, but it’s hard to tell in this picture. Also, the faucet lines up with the range, which I love – it’s very pleasing. This kitchen is gorgeous. I love the pop of black in the range hood, which is repeated in the island. I like how the stools add texture. The pendants add a bit of bling, which every kitchen needs.
 This kitchen looks pretty symmetrical to me. I like how the sink is centered on the range. This is a very pleasing kitchen. Notice the bluish gray ceiling. So pretty. Love the bridge faucet and the marble slab backsplash. This is one of my favorite kitchens.
This kitchen looks like the range is centered on the wall, it’s a bit hard to tell. Again in this kitchen, I like how the faucet is lined up with the range. I really like how the traditional and modern are mixed in this kitchen. The shaker cabinets, subway tile and faucet are traditional, and then you have the pop of the modern industrial pendants. Love it!
This kitchen is asymmetrical to me – the faucet is way down on one end of the island and the cooktop is on the opposite end. It doesn’t bother me too much because the pendants are balanced, and the island is so big. I’m normally a white kitchen kind of girl, but I think these dark cabinets and counters work because the walls are white and because this kitchen gets tons of light.
In this kitchen, the prep sink does not line up with the cooktop, but it does line up with the main sink. In this kitchen, there is no hood, so the cooktop doesn’t draw your eye. The chandelier really is the feature here. I wonder where this kitchen is. Doesn’t it feel like it should be in a Scandinavian country?
There is no symmetry in this kitchen. My eye really craves for the range hood and the faucet to be lined up here. Do you need symmetry in your kitchen?

6 thoughts on “Does the sink need to line up with the range hood in a kitchen?

  1. Kristin I do like symmetry in most things, the balance just feels right. I have a good friend who likes asymmetrical designs, so I think it is a matter of what is most pleasing to our eye!

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park


  2. Pam, thanks for stopping by! The kitchens are really gorgeous, aren’t they? There are designers out there doing really great work! I just got a client for a kitchen remodel. There is no way to have symmetry. I think it will work out because the island is 12 feet long! We are going to center the cooktop between two windows, an I am thinking it will be best to center the sink on one of the windows. It won’t have my beloved symmetry, but I think it will be gorgeous!


  3. We live in a growing community north of Dallas. My husband and I love to hop on our bikes and check out all the new homes being built. A few nights ago, we walked into one and rounding the corner into the kitchen, I knew something was off. I finally figured it out… the range hood was not lined up with the sink in the island. I said to my husband, “that would drive me nuts”. (Pretty kitchens you chose!)


  4. Kristin,
    These are great kitchens. I don’t mind the slight lack of symmetry in the first kitchen, but the kitchen looks new, so why wouldn’t the architect/designer line things up? Symmetry always works better for me. I’m OCD enough to want things straight even on a tabletop! 🙂
    Love your blog, I’m so happy you stopped by, which has led me to your site.


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