Another modern kitchen

It’s starting to feel a bit like fall here in the deep South. The mornings are getting darker when I wake up, and I’ve had to wear a light jacket a few mornings. Over the summer, it was just too darn hot to drink hot coffee, so we started making iced coffee. I’d make a pot in the evening and then put the whole pot in this giant mason jar I got from Target. I’d stick it in the fridge so we’d have iced coffee in the morning. It’s getting just chilly enough where I’m starting to want hot coffee again.

I’m starting to consider decorating for fall. I’ve put out my some mums in my planters. They are huge and cost something ridiculous like $11 at Costco (LOVE Costco!). They’ve put out the pumpkins at Publix, and I’m considering getting one. I don’t want to put it out too early, though. One year, it was late September, and I had put out my pumpkins and a few cute little signs that had jack-o-lanterns on them. A neighbor came to my house selling something with her kids and she lectured me that you should never put out pumpkins with faces before October 1. Maybe I’ll put out a jack-o-lantern on September 30 this year just for fun!

I met a new client yesterday – I will be helping her with her kitchen and dining room. She is selling her craftsman home and her new home is midcentury modern. She sent me her inspiration photos:

I about fell over when I saw her inspiration photos. They look so much like the modern kitchen I finished this summer! She definitely wants to do a waterfall counter in white quartz on the island. There will be no upper cabinets, and I’ve suggested she go super dark on the cabinets with brass pulls. She seemed to like it, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

We are going to put a sputnik in the dining room.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.46.22 AM

I’ve used Practical Props in Hollywood as a source in the past. They really are a prop shop, and somehow they got into the business of selling lighting. This is going to be a fun project – I’m really looking forward to it!


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