Penthouse cabinets

We finally had some gorgeous weather today after several crummy days, weather-wise. It’s been raining non-stop, and not really rain, but that annoying mist that is just enough so that you need an umbrella. My hair has been super frizzy – lovely. On the bright side, I broke out my wellies yesterday!

We are about to start the penthouse project next week. It has been a frenzy picking everything for a kitchen, bar and three bathrooms in about six weeks. Also, one half of the couple is in the Middle East – Skype has been really useful.

It is all coming together. Everything is super contemporary, but with soft colors. I love the color palette. Here are the selections for the bar and den area. The top tile will go on a feature wall that will have a fireplace. It’s got an amazing texture that looks a bit like wood.

The bottom left tile is for the wall around the entrance to the balcony. On this wall are big niches where art will go. The tile on the bottom right is a Walker Zanger mosaic called Cashew that we are using as the backsplash in the bar. Directly to the left of it is the bar cabinet material.


Here is a close up of the cabinet material. It’s actually paper behind acrylic. It’s got texture and a bit of sparkle. It is gorgeous in person. It’s from Richlieu and is called Brillante Textil Plata. The spots are from the lights in my office.


Here is the bar faucet:


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.05.21 PM

Here are the kitchen finishes. The color isn’t exactly right in the pictures, because the glass tile is actually a true white. The two panels are the cabinet material. We are using statuary marble for the counter.


This will be on the perimeter cabinets. I love the subtle stripes. I am thinking we will run the stripes horizontally. It actually looks white in person.


This is for the island. It is a soft gray with a bit of sheen. Very glamourous!


Here is the faucet. It’s the Delta Trinsic. We’ve been using it a lot lately. In fact, it’s going in another project that is much more traditional – white shaker cabinets, black counters and a farmhouse sink. The Trinsic is very versatile and can go anywhere I think.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.03.16 PM


Phase one is the bar, master bedroom and master bath. Phase two is the kitchen and the other bedrooms, which will start in about six weeks.

I’m having tea tomorrow morning with my client who has the modern kitchen. She loves tea, and we were in the habit of having hot tea when we would meet. I haven’t been to her house in a few months, so it will be nice to see it with artwork hung and all of the furniture in. One of the perks of my job is I get to know my clients really well. I’ve gotten to work with some super nice people!


6 thoughts on “Penthouse cabinets

  1. Hi Kristin! Lovely finishes. What a project. It can be tough to live through a kitchen renovation. Good luck. It looks like it’s going to look great. Fantastic project.

    I’m glad I popped over here and found the name behind PInk Camellias (smile).

    Have a nice evening.


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