Fun black and white kitchen reveal


The black and white kitchen is done! I just love this one. My favorite parts about it are the larger subway tile, the dark grout, the floating shelves and the slate floor. It came together really well. This used to be a tiny kitchen with old formica counter tops and a tiny mudroom. Combing them made a huge difference. It makes the whole house feel larger.

If you look closely, you can see that the tops of the shelves line up exactly with the bottom of the vent hood. The guys and I spent quite a bit of time working that out. They did a good job – I think it looks great.


The shelves have a really cool texture. I love that my clients picked a dark grout. It can be scary for most people to do dark grout – most people pick a white grout. Dark can look really good, though –  the dark grout gives the tile a graphic quality that makes it more contemporary and gives it an edge.


Their faucet is the Delta Trinsic. This is such a versatile faucet – I’ve used it in traditional kitchens and super contemporary kitchens. It’s not expensive at all, either.


This shows you the other side of the kitchen. That is a huge pantry that has shelves on the inside of the doors. They have tons of storage now.


The slate is just gorgeous – Black Blizzard slate.


Awesome KitchenAid range. I like this kitchen because it’s classic with an edge. The clients are thrilled, and that’s the best reward isn’t it?


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