20080909-3408Once a year, there is a huge Greek Festival at the biggest Greek Orthodox Church in town. There is of course Greek music and food. Different groups perform traditional Greek dances. There are arts and crafts for sale and there are a bunch of carnival rides for the kids – it’s really fun. We’ve done it before, and the boys had fun. Truly, the best part of it is the food. So, instead of cooking a couple of weekends ago, my husband got us dinner from the festival. He got moussaka, gyros, green beans and yummy pastries.


This inspired him to cook moussaka last weekend – he rocked it! We have a soft spot for Greece. We went there on our honeymoon, and we went there seven years ago when our youngest was a baby. My husband led a photography workshop, and we tagged along.

It is very easy to travel in Greece with children. Everywhere we went, Greek women said, Give me the baby, give me the baby! And since my youngest is my third, I did ( I would’ve freaked out about a bunch of strange women asking for my baby with my first). We’d be at a restaurant, and the Greek ladies would hold him the entire time we were eating dinner. You definitely relax with your third!

This amphitheater is in Nafplio, Greece. My middle son had a laying down in the dirt tantrum here because he wanted an orange Fanta. I was holding firm, and the Greeks were like, what does he want, I said a Fanta, they said, why don’t you give it to him? Well, needless to say, we did. It was funny to see how different they are about indulging children. They love children and families, and I enjoyed our time with them.


I’ve enjoyed visiting Greece – the people are so warm and the food is delicious. We are going to NYC in December, and I texted my Aunt Wendy (who lives there) and she suggested we go to a Greek restaurant (yay!). I have many fond memories of being in Greece – it is such a gorgeous country and the people are so welcoming. As we move into the fall, and the days get crisper, I’ll be dreaming about dipping my toes into the Aegean.

And…..back to life, back to reality. Monday will see me going back to work, and avoiding the huge load of clean laundry that needs to be put away, and the floor that needs to be mopped. Would love to lead the jet set life, but that is not in the cards for the moment! 😉 Oh well, at least I can eat the yummy Greek food!


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