Boys and goats and Tiger, oh my!


We like to go up to the Smoky Mountains for weekend trips. We go to Cashiers, Highlands and Asheville, North Carolina frequently. We were in Asheville this past weekend for a family celebration that my sister in law hosted. They had it outside, in a pavilion on the banks of the French Broad River on the land that her husband is developing. He is managing the development of a residential community that is in the New Urbanism model like Serenbe and Seaside.


These are some iPhone pictures I took right outside Tiger, Georgia, which is near Lake Burton and is half way between Asheville and Atlanta. It’s a funny roadside store called Goats on the Roof. There really are goats on the roof. We don’t always stop, but we decided to visit the goats this time.


They have all of the regular roadside stuff:  ice cream, taffy and t-shirts. They also have a bunch of fun stuff like pickle lip balm, hipster mustaches and bacon air fresheners. Who wouldn’t love a car that smells like bacon, right?


The best thing there – boiled peanuts! We scarfed these down in about five seconds!


A few years back, we stayed at one of my husband’s client’s weekend home in Tiger.  It is a beautiful area. There is a big field behind the house and a creek that runs behind it. We were exploring one day and we found this structure.




It is actually a meeting house for a camp behind it. From this angle, to the right, a bridge that crosses over the creek leads you to a gymnasium built in 1911. The camp is really cool – it is rustic and super cute. There is a flag on the front of the meeting hall made by folk artist R. A. Miller. We have a few of his pieces in our house.  On our first visit to Tiger, my husband, who is a professional photographer, took a picture of the boys against the flag. This is my iPhone photo of him at work:


We take this picture every year now and use it as our Christmas card. I don’t “dress” the boys, because I want the photo to be a reflection of what they are into at the time. It’s also fun, because we see how much they grow each year. When we first started, my youngest’s head was below the flag.  Here’s my behind the scenes iPhone snaps of him at work. The final image will be in black and white. Aren’t the leaves in the background pretty? They are just starting to change.



If you look to the left, that structure is the entrance to the bridge that takes you to the gymnasium.


Here are some pretty photos my husband made at the celebration in Asheville. (So much better than my iPhone snaps!)  The party was gorgeous – there were bales of hay piled with pumpkins and flowers around the edges of the pavilion.


Favors were little jars of honey from my sister in law’s bees.


Food was served on mismatched blue and white plates. Gorgeous!


The kids toasted marshmallows in the fire pit and made ‘smores. The boys had a really great time.  It was a rainy day, but we didn’t care, there was a big outdoor fireplace with a roaring fire on one side of the pavilion, we had good food, family and friends.  It was a lovely day.





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