Another (almost ) black and white kitchen!

Yesterday we wrapped up another black and white kitchen! I haven’t seen it since the hardwoods were put down and the electricians were wiring everything. I like to go and see the projects at the end, when all of the paper is taken up, and everything is pretty. We don’t have final inspection until today, so I will go then.

This kitchen has white shaker cabinets and honed Virginia Mist counters, which is a pretty dark gray. Virginia Mist is a granite that gives you the look of soapstone, without the upkeep. Originally this kitchen had kind of 80s rounded edge white solid surface counters and similarly rounded edge honey colored wood cabinets. We didn’t change the layout, other than switching the cooktop and the sink. You spend way more time at the sink than at the cooktop, and who wants their view to be a wall?

The original floors were a cream marble that drove my client crazy. She didn’t like the way they showed wear. Marble is soft, and it will wear down in heavy traffic areas. She replaced her marble with classic hardwoods in a Jacobean stain. Add white subway tile for the backsplash, and you have a classic kitchen! I just love this look – I don’t feel like you can get tired of a classic white kitchen.

I feel like a white kitchen is a timeless backdrop for more trendy things like faucets, lighting and knobs and pulls. I always tell my clients that faucets, knobs and pulls and lighting can be changed out easily if you want something different in a few years. My theory is, go trendy there, not in your cabinets, counters or backsplash, which are difficult and expensive to change out.

So, in celebration of the classic black and white kitchen, here are some gorgeous kitchens for you to enjoy!

These ceilings, “Oh my gawr!”


Need a pile of these on this cute two tier shelf on the counter:


Love the honed counters in this kitchen.

This one looks like a black and white kitchen I did recently:

Love the symmetry in this kitchen.

Just gorgeous! A black and white kitchen is like a great pair of jeans – timeless!

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