Team Ben or Team Sherwin?

I’ve always used Benjamin Moore paints in my house. I am very familiar with the colors, and I know what I like. All of the trim in my house is White Dove. My favorite BM colors are White Dove, Navajo White, Palladian Blue and Revere Pewter. Revere Pewter goes with everything, right?

At work, I’ve been using the BM fan deck, until I couldn’t anymore. One day my boss said we are only using Sherwin Williams. Panic! I didn’t know any of the Sherwin Williams colors! Figuring out the colors is like learning a new language! I was not happy about this directive for a few days, and then I had an idea. I wrote down my favorite BM colors and then found the best matches in SW. And I am sharing my list for all of you BM folks who decide to bat for team SW!

White Dove BM OC17 – SW Bright Light H32, Daisy White H26, Alabaster 7008

Cabinets in this kitchen are Alabaster:

Navajo White BM OC95 – SW Restful White 7563, Crisp Linen 6378, Medici Ivory 7558

Cabinets are SW Crisp Linen:

Linen White BM 912 – -SW Alamode 7116, Dover White 6385, Summer White 7557

White cabinets are Dover White:

The much loved BM Revere Pewter – SW Amazing Gray 7044, Collonade Gray7641,  Worldly Gray 7043, Accessible Beige 7036, Useful Gray 7050.

Walls are Amazing Gray:

BM Shaker Beige HC 45 – BM Downing Sand 2822, Macadamia 6142

Walls are Downing Sand:

BM Queen Ann Pink HC 60 – SW Spun Sugar 6337

I couldn’t find a good picture of a room with Spun Sugar or Queen Ann Pink – too bad, because they are both really pretty – they are pink without being saccharine. I think it’s because they skew a bit orange, so they have a more coral feel. I have Queen Ann Pink in my bedroom, and I’ve been really happy with it. I have to have at least one girly space in my house full of guys, right?

These are just some of the color conversions on my list – I’ll have more in my next post!


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