Ben vs. Sherwin 2.0

Fall has arrived in the ATL – over the last week or so, mornings have been chilly. I’ve finally retired my sandals, and I have brought out the ballet flats. Today, I wore a light jacket almost the whole day – but it still gets warm mid-afternoon. I’m on the cusp of bringing out my boots and cashmere from storage, but I’m not quite ready to put my flip flops away for the season!

So, Here is Ben vs. Sherwin part deux. I definitely still have a bias towards Ben Moore at this point, but as I use it more often, I’m softening up to Sherwin Williams. I think Sherwin Williams has great colors – the biggest challenge to me has been to get familiar with their fan deck. Here are some more Sherwin Williams versions of my favorite Benjamin Moore colors.

BM Litchfield Gray – SW Realist Beige 6078, Grecian Ivory 7541, Simplify Beige 6085

Simplify Beige walls:


BM Manchester Tan – SW Wool Skein 6148, Rice Grain 6155, Stucco 7569

Exterior siding paint – Wool Skein:



BM Abingdon Putty – SW Softer Tan 6141, Netsuke 6134


Wall color – Netsuke:



BM Palladian Blue – SW Waterscape 6470, Rainwashed 6211, Copen Blue 0068

Walls – Copen Blue



BM Stonington Gray – SW Front Porch 7651, Passive 7064, Lattice 7654

Walls – Front Porch



BM Edgecomb Gray – SW Natural Tan 7567, Kestrel White 7516, Canvas Tan 7531

Cabinets – Canvas Tan



BM China White – SW Pearly White 7009, Heron Plume 6070, Ivory Lace 7013

Walls – Heron Plume:



BM Gray Mist – SW Oyster White 7637, Natural Choice 7011, Shoji White 7042

Walls – Shoji White:



BM French Canvas – SW Nacre 6145, Ivory Lace 7013, Pearly White 7009

Nacre walls:


BM Swiss Coffee – SW Alabaster 7008, Greek Villa 7551, Westhighland White 7566

Alabaster walls:


BM Gray Owl – SW Crushed Ice 7647, Sea Salt 6204, Silver Pointe 7653


Wall color – Crushed Ice

I’m kind of thinking I may need to get one of these –



Hopefully, my arms won’t look so hairy in it! What team are you on?

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