Fresh and cheerful home by Ashley Whittaker


There is a gorgeous home decorated by Ashley Whittaker in November’s House Beautiful. I love a neutral room done well, but sometimes in all of that beige and gray, I long for a pop of color.  What I like about Ashley Whittaker’s work is that is is colorful without being like a rainbow. The colors she uses are  bright and soft at the same time.

She has changed my mind about purple. I’ve only seen it a few times where I really like it – a greyed down muted lavender can be pretty in a super formal home. But, in general, I’m not drawn to purple in decor. This purple pillow looks so pretty next to the apple green sofa:




I love these green floral curtains. It is so refreshing to me to see such cheerful color. I love color in my home. In my living room, which we are never in, my sofa is yellow. In my den, which which is where we spend all of our time, the sofa is neutral. I have colorful throw pillows that I can change out when I get bored of the pattern. I like how Whittaker keeps the large pieces neutral and then adds color in the accents in the living room below. Love the green of the curtains.



This bedroom gets a mix of patterns in blue. This takes confidence to mix patterns like this. I think the canopy fabric, Interlachen Scroll, keeps the room feeling youthful.



I like how the bar changes tone and goes dark and glamourous. I think a room that is only used at night needs a little glam. Love that wallpaper!



The dining room is my favorite room. Again – that lavender – love it! It looks so fresh in front of the de Gournay wallpaper. Love the brass curtain hardware. It’s cheerful and sophisticated.



The word that keeps coming to mind is cheerful. This green is so pretty and fresh. I’d love to have my coffee in here every morning.



This wallpaper is fun in Whittaker’s bathroom below. My favorite part of this bathroom is this cool kind of Moroccan mirror. Very nice. Believe it or not, Ashley Whittaker is self taught and does not have a design degree. She worked as a special events director at Ralph Lauren before working for designer Markham Roberts.


Ashley Whittaker 1


Markham Roberts studied History of Arts and Architecture at Brown University, and then worked for legendary designer Mark Hampton.

Looking at Markham Roberts’ work, it is very clear the influence he has had on Whittaker. What an opportunity she had to work with him!

Here is his work below. This living room has a similar feel to Whittaker’s living room above:  lighter patterned curtains, dark walls, warm upholstery.



Here is a dining room by Roberts. This green is strong and bright, but it’s not as quite a clear color as we see in Whittaker’s rooms.



Love this blue and white room by Roberts. I like how he’s mixed in the more contemporary little occasional tables.



This feels very fresh and cheerful. Roberts’ bedroom below has the fresh greens and blues seen in Whittaker’s work.


Whittaker uses a similar double sofa and a floral fabric seen in this Roberts living room in her living rooms above.  I can’t tell from the pictures if it is the same floral in Whittaker’s living room, but it sure looks close.


Both designers obviously like fresh apple green. Here is a pretty bedroom designed by Roberts. And I spy a bit of lavender.


Gorgeous room by Roberts – it feels neutral, but it is still fresh and colorful with the yellow green upholstery. Love the Moroccan table.



After college, Roberts worked for legendary designer Mark Hampton, one of the top 20 designers of all time according to Architectural Digest. Hampton worked for David Hicks early in his career and then opened his own firm in 1976. Hampton decorated the White House for Presidents Bush Sr. and Clinton. Hampton’s work feels a bit more formal to me than Roberts’ and Whittaker’s, but it is not stuffy at all. Here is some of Hampton’s work:



Here is a lovely bedroom by Hampton. There is that citron yellowish green again! This goes to show working with the best is an invaluable experience.



When you look at this dining room by Hampton, the influence on Whittaker is clear. This dining room is timeless – I don’t know the year this dining room was done, but it obviously wasn’t yesterday, and it still looks gorgeous. The mirror, the blue curtains, the wallpaper – it doesn’t get any better than this!




Whittaker, Roberts, Hampton, Hicks – what an amazing decorating dynasty! Wouldn’t living in a room designed by any of them be a dream?


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