Not all kitchens are white!

If I am not working on a contemporary kitchen, I’m usually pretty sure the cabinets will be white shaker. It’s a classic look that goes with almost everything (except modern/contemporary). The thing I like about white shaker is that it can be super traditional or it can be spiced up with contemporary bits like the faucet or light fixtures.

I know white cabinets are all the rage right now, but I do still love a gray greigy taupe kitchen. I think gray/greige cabinets look best with white counters:  white quartz or a really white marble like calacatta.

This kitchen keeps it light by not having any upper cabinets. The open shelves and pale grey vent hood add to the airiness.  I like how the greys in this kitchen go a bit green. It feels very fresh. The island counter is really pretty too. My guess is that it is Danby marble, but it is hard to tell. Notice the large pull on the end of the island. I wish I had done this in front of my prep sink. The drawer on the sink cabinet is always a dummy because it’s got plumbing behind it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a long pull mounted on the dummy drawer so you can hang your dishtowel on it?

This kitchen’s cabinets are more of a yellowy-green beige. They look really nice with the marble counters. I like how there are some pops of contemporary in this kitchen – notice the faucet in the island and the acrylic chairs. It’s good to mix it up a bit.

This kitchen is more of a true gray with a bit of blue in it. Love the pops of taxi cab yellow against this gray. Also love the blue and white ginger jars – they go with everything!!!!

This kitchen is more of a true gray. The turquoise accents look really good with it. I like how the designer painted the island and the walls the same color. It is very calming. The quartz counters brighten things up and look really nice with the trim. It feels coastal without being too themey.

This is a pretty contemporary take on the gray/greige cabinets with white counters theme. I like how the clean lines still have a softness to them. The glass backsplash is gorgeous, but I can tell you it’s ‘spensive!

This is one of my favorite kitchens right now. I think the color of the cabinets is just gorgeous. It feels so light and airy with the (I’m pretty sure) marble counters. I love the brass and black accents – they give a bit of gravitas to the lightness. Or, maybe I’m just being hypnotized by all the pretty blue and white. I spy a towel bar – did you see the towel bar (maybe a bar pull?) on the island? I love this idea!

Oooh! Look closely and you’ll see that there are cup pulls mounted high on the cabinets to the right and left of the sink. I’ll bet those are dishwashers on either side of the sink. What a luxury to have two dishwashers! I could keep two dishwashers rocking for sure. With three boys, we do a minimum of three loads of dishes a day. That’s even with resorting to paper plates quite a bit (I know, I know). Sometimes personal sanity has to trump aesthetics!

This is a pretty farmhouse kitchen. The greigy cabinets, trim and shelves look pretty contrasted against the brass faucet and rustic table. The pop of black from the pendants is really nice too. This is an all around charming kitchen.

So what do you think about gray greige kitchens – are they still a thing?


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