The penthouse reno and a charming bathroom


We finally got some sun yesterday after what felt like months of misty, rainy weather. It went on and on and on. I wonder if that’s what it’s like to live in Seattle? My hair has not been happy. I fight the frizz on the driest day, so I’ve been pulling my hair back everyday to contain the hair explosion!

We are in the home stretch at the penthouse for phase one! Above you can see the Walker Zanger mosaic is in. There will be a floating shelf right above the tile.

Below is the tile floor that will be throughout the home. There are floor-to-ceiling windows everywhere, and the homeowner was concerned about hardwoods fading from the sunlight, so we went with a wood-look tile. Doesn’t it look good with the dark grout?


This is the back wall that opens up to the balcony. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the front of the wall is tiled floor to ceiling. The owners have spent many years in the middle east where tile is used everywhere, and they wanted to bring that feel to their home.


Here is the tile on the balcony wall. It’s a really pretty taupey grayish color.


We are designing a custom entertainment center. The top part will be open cubbies. Two floating shelves will be below on the left and the tv will be on the right.  There will be three drawers in the section at the bottom. We taped it out on the wall so the homeowner could approve it. We had to size it down from 10 feet long to 9 feet because it wouldn’t fit in the elevator at 10 feet long.


Here is my favorite tile in the fireplace wall. It’s a really pretty very light grayish taupe – it’s got this subtle texture that looks a bit like wood. I can’t wait to see it grouted.


Here’s another project in the works. We are adding a bathroom to a master. This house was built-in the 1920s and has lots of charm. The master bedroom is quite large for such an old house, and there is enough room to add a bathroom without adding on.

Here is the adorable fireplace in the bedroom. The guys like to listen to music like Bon Jovi while they work.


There are a couple of sloped walls on either side of the bedroom because the roof is pitched here. The house is so cute.


The guys started tiling the bath. We went with classic subway tile. Their existing bathroom has all of the original tile and we wanted to keep the new bathroom in the same spirit.


In the shower we are tiling to the ceiling with subway. Outside the shower we are doing a tile wainscot. Isn’t that wave tile pretty? My client wanted a sample of that wave tile before we purchased and I had the worst time getting it! Daltile has two accent tiles called wave – this one is super traditional and they have one that is contemporary. It’s really cute, but not what I needed. I got sent the contemporary one three times! It took many calls, and I finally got the right wave tile. It was worth the trouble, thought, don’t you think?



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