2016’s Color of the Year – According to Sherwin and Ben



I was at Sherwin Williams the other day, and while they were mixing my paint, I was watching the tv they have up in the corner. It runs informative spots about painting tips and techniques, HGTV segments and color trends. My interest was piqued when there was an announcement for Sherwin Williams’ 2016 Color of the Year, Coral Reef. Hmm…is this just a lighter, brighter version of 2015’s color of the year, Marsala, or is it a totally new color?

I went to the paint chip section and picked up several coral colors:  Coral Reef, Ravishing Coral, Sockeye and Quite Coral. I love coral as an accent or on a piece of furniture – it is very fresh and cheerful. It feels very preppy to me, which of course, I love. I think I’ll incorporate some Coral Reef accents in my Palm Beach summer home, ha!


Here are some pretty ways to incorporate coral into your home:


Serena and Lily Havana Stool. Love that it’s just a pop of coral.


Quadrille Java Grande Shrimp on Tint. Would LOVE pillows made with this.




Quadrille Arbre de Matisse Shrimp on Tint. So very pretty.

2030-03 Arbre De Matisse Shirmp on Tint


Here it is in the reverse – on a headboard by Brian Paquette:Arbre_de_Matisse_Reverse_headboard_Brian_Paquette

Isn’t this so pretty? I just want to copy this bedroom! If feels fresh and feminine without going too girly. I don’t think any guys would object to this.

I was looking at (notice I didn’t say reading, ha!) the November issue of Architectural Digest the other day, and saw an ad declaring Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year:  Simply White. It’s interesting that Sherwin is forecasting color and Ben is forecasting white. Maybe they could work together – white walls and upholstery with pops of coral? I can get on board with that!

A home that says Simply White to me is Aerin Lauder‘s home in Aspen, designed by Daniel Romualdez. It is featured in the Veranda November/December 2015 issue. Although I am not a minimalist by any stretch, I appreciate a clean lined clutter free look. What I like about Lauder’s home is that it feels warm and soft – it is inviting while still being what I consider minimalist.

Here are pictures of her home that were featured in Vogue in 2011. It really hasn’t changed much from when it was photographed in 2011. Some pillows and lamps have changed, but the furniture and art looks the same as far as I can tell. I absolutely love the large photo over the bed. It is a scene of ski slopes by Andreas Gursky.





The views are spectacular. I love this sofa, but boy I’d be nervous having that white with boys. Lauder has two teenage boys who must be exceptionally clean, or that sofa is covered in Sunbrella! My boys are pretty good about not getting furniture dirty – we don’t allow food on the sofa, but mystery spots still appear and I’m usually spraying my Clorox Oxy-Magic on the sofa once a week. If you haven’t tried Oxy-Magic you have to get some now! It is amazing how quickly it gets stains out! I loves me some Oxy-Magic and Oxy Clean  – they are the best at getting stains out.

Ok, enough about reality – let’s go back to the dream life of Aerin Lauder…



She really is this pretty in person. My friend invited me to go to a book signing at ADAC for Lauder’s book, Beauty at Home. Lauder had on a chunky cream sweater and cream pants. Her hair was perfect, and she looked like she had no makeup on and perfect skin. She had to have had makeup on, but girl knows how to do the no-makeup look right. She looked gorgeous!



What I love about this home is there is white everywhere, but it doesn’t feel cold. I think the wood furniture, the rustic wood of the ceiling and the fur throws everywhere make it feel warm and cozy. Wouldn’t you love to come home to this after a day of skiing and snuggle up with a mug of hot cocoa by the fire? Just don’t sit on that sofa!





4 thoughts on “2016’s Color of the Year – According to Sherwin and Ben

  1. I love the coral bedroom shot you chose – such a pretty print! And while I am disappointed in Ben’s pick (haven’t we seen enough white the past few years?), I love the example of Aerin’s home. Perfect warm and cozy white right there, and pairing great with that black, warm wood and lush textiles.


  2. Aerin’s home is just delightful – airy yet rooted in the contrast of wood and black accents. It’s interesting to hear that Benjamin Moore chose White as their color… It seems the design world is shifting away from white as a neutral and more towards charcoal and navy.


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