Bears, Aerin Lauder and Big Blooms



In the spring of 2013, my mom and I went to the Cathedral Antiques Show Home.

Right off the foyer was a room full of taxidermy by Summer Loftin Antiques. I had never seen anything like it.

Here’s the entry hall  – the taxidermy room is to the left in the picture:




There was a turkey…image054


Various deer-looking creatures (ibex?)…image044

A little deer in the corner…this is kind of cute/creepy…image033


And then, bam! A bear and a giraffe! Really! Where in the heck do you get a giraffe? Check out the peacock! This room blew my mind!homepage_slider01

My husband, who is a photographer, had been talking about doing a project about taxidermy for awhile, so I got Summer’s contact info. Parker gave her a call and got some contacts in the taxidermy world. This is one of his photos:

©2014 Parker Clayton Smith
©2014 Parker Clayton Smith


At the Show Home, there was a little vestibule that had this photo in it:


FNL-Master (elipse adj LR 5/2014)
FNL-Master (elipse adj LR 5/2014)


Usually at show homes, they have information about the furniture or art, so I found out that the name of the photographer is Paul Lange. Imagine how thrilled when I looked him up and I saw he is the creator of this:



Do you recognize it?



Do you know whose office this is?  Drum roll please…




Of course, the most glamorous, Ms. Lauder. Here is another pieces of Lange’s work in Lauder’s New York office:


aerin lauder paul lange


We just happened to be on the mailing list of the Hagedorn Gallery, and imagine how thrilled I was when we got invited to the opening party for a show of Paul Lange’s Big Blooms the summer of 2013.


9/21/13 final RT master.
9/21/13 final RT master.


They are really amazing in person. The thing that is crazy is that they feel like fashion portraits of women. Each one feels like a fabulously chic woman.


This is Keira:

cropped stem to OKL
cropped stem to OKL


They really all have women’s names! We were fortunate to meet Paul and his son at the show opening party. He told us about how he was a commercial photographer, and he and his family have a country home in Upstate New York. He and his wife had the idea for the flower project and they would work out in their barn. It is part of an ongoing project about the flora and fauna around the farm.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget to buy one of Lange’s photos, so I have to console myself with the postcard from the show. It has this flower on it, which is one of my favorites:




Isn’t Penelope gorgeous?


2 thoughts on “Bears, Aerin Lauder and Big Blooms

    1. I know taxidermy is controversial, but it is interesting too. There is a whole community of people who collect taxidermy. And in some circles, the more exotic, the better. I don’t have any in my home, but I do have some antlers.


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