Getting ready for the holidays…

My handy husband installed our new microwave and garbage disposal this week. They both pooped out at the same time, and we were without them for about two weeks. You really don’t notice how much you use a microwave until you don’t have one! I kept going to our prep sink by habit, but couldn’t use it because there was no drain. We gave our old garbage disposal to our metal recycling guy, Clarence, before we got our new one, so there was no drain for awhile. I had to stick a piece of paper in the sink so I wouldn’t turn the faucet on.


Aren’t those flowers pretty? I got them from Trader Joe’s for something like $4. I also got my boxwood wreath from TJ’s on the same trip. If you don’t get them right when they come in, the boxwood wreaths will be gone – they fly off the shelves. Here it is on my back door. I need to make a bow for it – maybe something rustic? These sconces used to be on the front of the house and we moved them back here. I still haven’t ordered sconces for the front. I need to get on it!


When I was deciding about which microwave to get, I was on the fence whether I would get a Whirlpool or Frigidaire. I asked my rep at Ferguson which is better -she said they are both good, but the Frigidaire has a larger capacity. Decision made! I got the Frigidaire because I like being able to put a 9×13 casserole dish in there.

For the garbage disposal, I upgraded to the Insinkerator Pro 880 because we use our prep sink all the time. I’m so glad we will have it in time for Thanksgiving. We do a big meal, and we will work that garbage disposal for sure!


Even though we are getting into the holiday season, things are still cooking along with work. The penthouse phase one is almost done. Here are the pulls on the master bath drawers – aren’t they sexy?



Here is the master bath vanity. I love how the sconces turned out. Sinks are by Kohler.


The cabinet doors came in Friday. I’m going Monday to see it finished, I can’t wait!


Didn’t the fireplace wall turn out gorgeous? Love this tile.


Here is the custom cabinetry in the master. This will hold art and art books. Notice the crown and ceiling are the same color as the wall and cabinetry. We did everything in Sherwin Williams Accessible beige. The walls and cabinetry have the 100% formulation. The trim is 50% and the ceiling is 25%. I’m really glad my clients decided to do this. They have a very colorful art collection, and I think this neutral background will make the art pop.


This project has been so fun to work on. I love a shaker kitchen with black or marble counters as much as the next person. But, I have to say, it’s been really fun to work on a different, non-shaker project. Even though my style is pretty traditional, I love contemporary, and I’m itching to bring some into my home.



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