If money were no object…

Would love to have a personal concert – can’t get enough of this song  which is seriously annoying to my boys…


If I had a constant flow of the benjamins, this would be on my shopping list:



When cruising down the Danube, I’d wear this coat, if we were there in the winter. I like the olive color of this coat, because it can go with either black or navy.






Love this wrap. Might just have to buy it for myself, wrap it up and put it under the tree with a note saying “Love, Santa.”


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 5.27.27 AM





Feels summery now, but still want.



Santa, I believe in you, and would really love to see this under the tree!





Now, this is really my ne plus ultra! As a family, we spend so much time down at the coast that I really feel tied to it. Looking at this bracelet makes me immediately think of the ocean. I love how the shape of the oyster shell feels so substantial and sculptural. I love chunky jewelry – I tend to gravitate to substantial necklaces or a big bracelet. This is such a statement piece – it really is gorgeous. For me, it is a little too ‘spensive for a Christmas present…but a girl can dream, right????




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