Phase one of the penthouse is done!

We finished the first part of the penthouse project! I am so excited to see this done. It’s been a really fun project. We used lots of cool tile and different surfaces. Here is the fireplace wall. This is my favorite tile that we used. It’s so pretty – it has a subtle texture that almost looks like wood.

We painted the walls, ceiling and trim the same color, but different formulations. This room used to be lime green and bright orange. I love how the paint transformed the room.



Here is the master bath. I am in love with the pulls on the drawers – aren’t they cool? It’s hard to tell with the light, but the sconces are mounted on the mirror.


Here is the bar area. I am so in love with these quartzite counters. They are just gorgeous. We are on to phase two now – we have started demoing the other condo, where we will do a kitchen, two bedrooms and two baths.


Wouldn’t you like to relax here at the end of the day?


4 thoughts on “Phase one of the penthouse is done!

  1. Hi, Kristin! It’s so great to meet you–thank you for stopping. This is going to be one beautiful penthouse. I love the materials you chose for the bathroom counters. I could use your help at our lakehouse which we are totally redoing after a burst pipe caused enough damage that we had to gut the entire house.

    Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving…I love your china.

    Happy Holidays!!

    Jane x


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