Something pretty…

I’ve been crazy busy this week – I’m sure you have been too! The holidays seem to be a time accelerator, right? I have a post written about my Christmas decorations, but each afternoon I’ve been getting home just past twilight when there is no light for photos. I normally get home at 3:30, but this week it’s been more like 4:00 or 4:30.

So, I leave you with some inspiration photos for current projects. This week, I started working on a basement reno for a 1930’s house. My clients want to create a “rumpus room” for their three boys where they can play air hockey, video games and be generally loud, as boys will. Having three boys myself, I am intimately aware of how energetic boys can get – we call ourselves the Loud Family!

My  client loves shiplap and brick – these are some of our inspiration photos. Isn’t this such a charming mudroom? With three boys we have wayyyyyy more stuff than this – maybe you could just super-size the idea?



LOVE the basket weave pattern of the brick below – gorgeous!



I love how this entry has an equestrian feel. The herringbone pattern of the floor is spectacular. Love the contrast of the bell jar lamps and the rough beams.



I’m also working on a master bath reno. The clients want a spa-like serene feeling. They are going to have a shower with frameless glass and a heated soaker tub. Counters are going to be carrara and the floors will be a soft grayish white 12×24 tile.

This is very similar to the layout of the shower and soaker tub we are doing:


This is my inspiration photo for the style we are going after:



Wouldn’t you love to heat up this tub and soak your cares away?


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