Christmas time is here…

Traditionally we get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. We don’t do anything fancy like go to a tree farm – we’re pretty low maintenance. We go to Pike (our local garden center), go to the $35 tree section and our boys pick out their favorite. Pike is all Christmased up -they have hot cocoa and Christmas music – it’s a fun experience for the boys. This year, we laid low on Friday, and didn’t get our tree until Saturday.

In years past, we decorated the tree with colored lights and all of my ornaments I’ve collected since childhood. It was kind of a hodge podge, but it was sentimental. Also, I kind of like a bit of tacky in Christmas decorations! Bright and loud can be fun! This year, Parker asked me to keep it klassy (yes, with a k, because I’m kool like that!). So, we really pared it down, using white lights and simple ornaments. Here is our tree in the sunroom:



My youngest snuck in the hedgehog and the penguin he painted – we’ll keep them!



I’ve put a little bit of greenery here and there to jolly it up.


I used to have a bunch of Christmas decorations that I would put out – like reindeers, a giant musical snow globe and things like that. We decluttered last year and gave away about two thirds of our decorations. We’ve really felt the desire over the last few years to simplify and get rid of extra stuff. We really only kept what made us happy, and the rest of the decorations are greenery.

I just made the bows for the wreaths the other day. I had planned to get lime green ribbon, but my youngest was with me at Michael’s and he liked the gold ribbon, so that’s what we got. I love the wreath for my front door – it was something ridiculous like $15 at Costco! I need to get something for the urns – I have no idea what will last in the deep shade of the porch. Usually I have ferns, but they don’t last once it freezes.  Still don’t have my sconces – I’m going to give myself a hard goal to order them next week.


Here’s my back door with the dolled up TJ’s wreath:


This is my sentimental holdover. My grandma painted this santa – she died many years ago, and I like thinking about her when I see him. Isn’t he charming?



This is my little tinsel tree in the dining room where I hang all of my breakable ornaments. Not all of them are valuable – there are a few Radkos and gifts from friends, but many of them are $10 ornaments that I got from here or there. I love the pickle ornament- isn’t it cute!

I keep this in the dining room to minimize the chance of it getting knocked into. You have to think of things like this in a house full of boys!



My collection of Shiny Brite Sparkletown houses and churches is my absolute favorite Christmas decoration. I love their vintage feel. They just make me happy! This is the fireplace in our den:



This little Santa is on the table behind the sofa in the den:


That’s about all I put out this year – I have about two or three bins of decorations that are in the basement that I won’t bring out this year. I think this is enough decoration to be festive – what do you think?


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