It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…


The window displays are a big part of the Christmas decorations in New York. They are so creative. They are really my favorite part of the Christmas decorations. Here is one of the windows at Macy’s:



Inside of Macy’s was like a winter wonderland. Can you  believe the crowds in there?




Here are more of the windows at Macy’s. I just love Charlie Brown. The Vince Guiraldi Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack is my favorite Christmas background music!


Love how Snoopy is singing along here –



Here are the lights at Tiffany – so pretty!


And the winner of the Christmas decorations – Bergdorf Goodman – just spectacular!


Here is the tree at 30 Rock- it was packed with people – we enjoyed watching the skaters.


We ended up at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and got to hear a bit of the mass. This church is so beautiful. The church recently went through a massive restoration, and the results are just gorgeous. I love the wreaths on the columns.



Love the gothic architecture – isn’t that ceiling just gorgeous?


And this – the gold behind the statues. Beautiful. Amazing architecture!


Another ceiling view – so pretty.


Here is the manger. Baby Jesus hasn’t arrived yet. Look who is waiting for him – do you see the dog at the left – this is the first time I’ve seen a lab in the manger – isn’t he cute?



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