Taking Down Christmas


Hello! I hope you had a great New Year’s celebration! We go to an annual potluck in our neighborhood on New Year’s Eve. All the parents bring a dish and the kids watch a movie in the basement. It’s really low-key and just my speed. We usually leave around 10pm and are in bed soon after. I just don’t have the stamina to stay up until midnight anymore! ūüėČ On New Year’s day, we celebrated with a traditional meal that included collard greens cooked with ham (for money), Nathalie Dupree’s Hopping John (black eyed peas – for luck) and scalloped potatoes. It was delicious and we had leftovers today and it was just as good!

Are your Christmas decorations still up? ¬†We keep our¬†tree¬†up through¬†Epiphany, but I have to say I’m already itching to put the¬†decorations¬†away. Our tree is on its last legs (or should I say trunk?)¬†and the needles are falling more quickly – I’ll be happy when our garbage collection takes it to be mulched. We started putting the ornaments away a few days ago – our tree is bare except for lights at this point. We are still playing Christmas music – Parker likes the Canadian Brass and my favorite is the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. (I got these ornaments at Tar-jay this year- I love the retro feel of the candy canes!)

I never feel sad that Christmas is over. The day after Christmas, I like to pack it up and clear it out until next year! Don’t get me wrong, I do love the holiday season – we get out and do holiday things, go to parties and have meals with family, but when January 1 hits, I want to move on¬†and plan the new year.


2015 was a great year. We had a lot of change – I stopped working for Parker and took a job as a designer for a remodeling company. Going from working at home while the boys are at school to having to be at the office every weekday at 7am was a huge change. We are still getting used to it ¬†– our meals have suffered the most, I would say. We used to eat a homemade meal every night at 5pm. Now, most days we are throwing together something from the freezer. I know that the best thing to do is prep on the weekends and make a few crock pot meals during the week, but I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. Thank goodness Costco sells pre-made pulled pork!

I haven’t set my goals for 2016 yet, but I think getting dinner under control is at the top of the list (and making lunch for the boys the night before rather than scrambling in the morning, too). We also want to paint our shed and get the patio redone¬†too. I have this grand plan for the shed – I want to take down the wood siding on the sides and add windows on either side. One of the walls is rotten at the bottom, so we have to replace the wood anyway. I’d love to paint it the same white as the house and have climbing roses grow over the doors. It would make it so cute, and not so utilitarian.

Ok, just thinking about all that work is tiring me out! Thankfully now that I have my design job, we are able to pay people to do the work rather than DIY. After working every weekend for five years renovating our last house, I’ve had enough DIY! We are slowly working on our honey-do list!


I will probably work on my goals for the new year over this next week. What are your goals for 2016?



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