Mid-Century Fabulous



Here is a kitchen I recently finished. The house is really cool – it’s a groovy mid-century design. Notice the slanted roof – the ceilings get really high at the top.




This is a Ceasarstone Organic White counter. I love the waterfall here. And the brass faucets – aren’t they gorgeous?




This island is HUGE!!! This will be great for a dinner party. My clients love to cook for a crowd, so this is the perfect kitchen!




Those doors at the end of the kitchen are actually a built in Fisher & Paykel fridge with panels.  We got the pulls on the fridge and the cabinets on either side from Rocky Mountain Hardware. They are a really pretty brass.


Wouldn’t you like to be a guest at a dinner party here?




6 thoughts on “Mid-Century Fabulous

  1. My fabricator doesn’t have one, and I’ve sent an email to my Caesarstone rep to see if she has one. If we can’t find one, you could find a paint that matches – you can check out the fan deck from the paint store and make yourself a big sample.


  2. That’s stunning! The waterfall is definitely a hit. Do you mind if I ask you a question? I noticed you are using Caesarstone. I’m looking for a sample of a discontinued Caesarstone color (Deep Ocean #4550). I had it installed after Hurricane Sandy, but I need to repaint. Since my contractor took and lost my sample, I have nothing to bring paint and upholstery shopping.

    If you have any ideas where I might be able to buy one (or two, for safety), would you please let me know? Thanks very much!


    1. Darn, a few months ago, I went through my samples and got rid of anything discontinued so I wouldn’t offer anything to my clients that wasn’t available. I’ll talk to my fabricator and see if he can get his hands on it.

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