Bring the exotic into your home – cement tile floors

I’ve never been to Morocco, but I’ve always wanted to go there. I love the blend of French and North African cultures. What Morocco is known for is the tile work – it’s absolutely gorgeous. About the closest I have come to experiencing the feel of Morocco is when we went on our honeymoon to Istanbul – there is some incredible tile work there in the mosques. I can only imagine how gorgeous it is in Morocco!


A trend I’ve noticed lately in design is Moroccan-style cement tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. For some inspiration, here is Yves St. Laurent’s Marrakech home which is a Moroccan dream. Isn’t the design just beautiful?


YvesStLaurentMorroco2 YvesStLaurentMorroco


Here is a beautiful bathroom that brings in a bit of the exotic in the floor. I love the gray variations of the tile. It’s a pretty traditional look with the woodwork and the tub – I feel like the brass and the tile glam it up.


Here is a room by Steven Gambrel – I love the geometric quality of the print on the tile. It almost feels like a rug. Really pretty. Yes, Steven Gambrel is a master!

Steven Gambrel

I LOVE this kitchen – the dark gray/black cabinets are so glamorous. The brass accents and the floor are so fresh. This feels very California cool.



I love the floor in this bathroom – it feels very much like an ikat. I like how it feels organic and still very modern. I’m not totally sold on the cement look walls. I think it competes a bit with the floor pattern. What do you think?



This floor almost feels like an oriental rug to me, which works so well with the vintage feel of the bathroom. Love the dark grout on the wall tile.


The perfect California patio – I can see spending lots of time out here. What do you think, are Moroccan tiles a go, or a no?



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