Mark and Graham



I recently discovered Mark and Graham – somehow I started getting their emails – I have no idea how. The stuff they featured in the email was cute, so I checked them out, to find out they are an on-line retailer from the Williams Sonoma family. Pretty much everything they sell can be monogrammed. Down here in the South, we loves us a monogram! People here even monogram their cars with decals that go on the rear window! Seriously.

I don’t go too crazy with monograms, but I do love them. I have my bedding monogrammed, which I love.  I found a bunch of things I really like at Mark and Graham. I pretty much have my Valentine’s wish list covered! 😉


Here’s some cute stationery – would this be perfect for all of your holiday thank you notes? I love the bright orange and fun print of this notecard and envelope.



We like to take short trips to the mountains or Savannah. Right now, Parker and I share a duffle bag that is big enough to hold a 90 pound black lab. My dad got it when he was in Japan doing marketing for the Nagano Olympics – it’s got a giant Olympics logo on it. Not terribly stylish. This is much cuter.


I need a new everyday bag. Mine is starting to look a little “well-loved.” I have a camel leather bag from J. Crew that I’ve had for years, but the leather is starting to darken in a way that doesn’t look so good. I really like this tote bag – I could just throw everything in it and go.



I about died when I saw this purse. Do you remember Bermuda bags? I got mine when I was about nine – It was by Pappagallo – I loved it – I had several covers so I could match my outfit. Well, look what Mark and Graham has! This would be so cute with Jack Rogers shoes, right? I think this would bug me a bit because I like to hold my bag on my shoulder rather than in my hand, but I guess we need to suffer a bit to look fabulous sometimes, right?


I love these tassel keychains. This M&G pink one would make a nice Valentine’s present (for me!).



Ok, now we are getting into some serious monogram territory. Here are some monogram necklaces for the girl who loves monograms – the is perfect for the girl who has the monogram sticker on the back of her car!



These are my favorite – I’d get three discs with my boys’ initial. I like the clean lines and how they are so simple.


This necklace is cute too. Doesn’t it look like a sorority disc?


Have to have these cuffs! They are so my style! Love!!!! Might have to get them for myself and wrap them up with a note from Parker for Valentine’s Day! Hey – I’ve done it before – he doesn’t have to read my mind, and I get the perfect gift! 😉



There are cute things for guys, too. This golfball opener would be good for the guy who likes to have a beer and watch golf on Sundays.




This acrylic tray is great. This would make a nice housewarming gift. Actually, this is a great gift for that person who has everything. My mother needs nothing, but I know she would like this. Hmm….I need to keep this in mind for Mother’s Day for my mom…


Love this ice bucket. This is going on my want list!!!



I love these seersucker napkins. They are so fresh and cheerful! This is another perfect gift – so charming. What is your favorite?



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