Progress on the Penthouse

We are almost finished with the Penthouse remodel. We should be done with phase two next week. All of the stone has been installed – we did travertine in the two bathrooms and statuary marble in the kitchen.

You can see a bit of the stone here in the backsplash. This was a vessel sink the owners already had that they wanted to use. We picked oil rubbed bronze finishes to coordinate. The sconces are going to be mounted through the mirror frame. You can see where the guys drew the outline of the frame on the wall.


Here’s another bathroom. The stone is protected, so you can’t see it. We used a Brizo wall faucet and a pretty sink. My client loves vessel sinks. I’m in love with that faucet. Too sexy!


The guys have tiled all of the floors and they started on an accent wall of tile in the dining area that we added. They finished the kitchen backsplash and the white glass tile is tha’ bomb! It looks so gorgeous. I think it’s the bling in the kitchen along with the faucet.



This is my favorite faucet right now – the Delta Trinsic. It looks as great in a traditional kitchen as a modern one. Check out the marble – we keep it protected, so you can only see a little, but isn’t it pretty? Isn’t that sink awesome? I love the sharp corners.


I am just in love with this tile. It’s so pretty. We will be done soon – I can’t wait to see it finished and all cleaned up!




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