Target is on Fire Lately!

The boys started swim lessons this month to improve their strokes. My youngest is still dog paddling at almost 8 years old, so we are long overdue for lessons. We spend tons of time in the water in the summer, and I want my boys to be strong swimmers. We do swim lessons inside, but it’s still cold when you come out, so they need something warm to put on. So, I went to Target to get them some hoodies and just by chance I ran into this…



This end table is so cool – I can’t believe it has a real marble top. I love the rustic bottom with the marble. This would be a nice way to inject a little contemporary into a traditional room.


This is a fun little hairpin leg table. This would be a nice place to set a drink next to a reading chair.



I love the mid-century feel of this little side table. I would love to see it in a kid’s room.



If you haven’t hopped on the craze and gotten a bar cart – here’s a cute one.



One of these little gold trays would be cute on a dresser or dressing table. I would just pile all of my costume jewelry in it.


This gold desk lamp is so versatile. It would look good on a desk or in a teen’s room.



A very chic garden stool. This is very glamorous. It’s a nice way to add a little bling bling to a room.


These ram bookends feel like a throwback to the 70s in a good way. They remind me of a silver bracelet my mom used to wear – was a c shape with rams heads on the ends.


I think this is a planter, but I think it would look good empty on a coffee table. This is a low-risk way to indulge in trendy geometric design. $14.99 ain’t gonna break the bank!



This was my favorite – I love the marble top and the gold edges. I saw this an thought it would be a cute way of corralling Parker’s expanding cocktail supplies.


So, I came home with a little something extra…

Target bar2

I’m sure as his collection grows, the glasses will need to be stored in the cabinet below. Friends, if you haven’t been to Target lately, you need to get there and snap you up something cute!




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