Shiplap and Sherwin Williams Alabaster

I was in Sherwin Williams recently, picking up 7 gallons of Alabaster and 1 gallon of Porpoise for a basement project. It hit me that three of my recent projects have used Sherwin Williams’ 2016 Color of the Year Alabaster! I think the reason everyone loves Alabaster is that it’s not a stark white – it’s got a bit of gray to it and a bit of warmth to it that softens it.

This kitchen has Alabaster on the cabinets and walls. And this mid-century kitchen has Alabaster on the walls and Porpoise on the cabinets.

We are in the middle of re-doing a basement in a house from the 1930s. The basement is not big – it’s maybe 20 by 20 feet at most. It has a brick wall that is about 4-5 feet high and then it’s open to the crawl space around it. We put shiplap at the top of the wall and kept the brick. I just saw it yesterday – they had all of the unpainted shiplap up and it looked really good. Here is one of our inspiration photos.

The basement is going to be a place where my clients’ three boys can play air hockey and video games, run around and be loud like boys can. Ahem, I know from first hand experience how loud they can be! I had six boys running around on missions with their Nerf guns inside my house because it was so freezing here (in the 30s) that they didn’t want to go outside. Chaos! I’d love to have a room for them to battle in. Our house is not that big – I’d love to convert our garage into a monkey room!

This was another of our inspiration rooms. We haven’t decided yet if we are doing a herringbone or basket weave pattern on the floor. After the guys are done painting, we’ll lay out the tile pattern on the floor and decide then. We’re leaning towards the basket weave, though.

Here’s another inspiration photo. I love the mix of the rustic beams and the elegant bell jar lights. The black doors are nice against the white ship lap.


The basement has low (7 foot) ceilings, so we are going to leave it open like this and spray it with Alabaster. It’s just amazing what a coat of white paint can do! It can take a dark basement and make it look so fresh!


Isn’t this charming? Wouldn’t this be a nice place to have your coffee every morning?


I would love to have a mudroom like this. That is tons of storage for shoes and book bags and coats and Nerf guns. We are overflowing with Nerf guns at my house and about to get more – my youngest is about to turn 8 and made a list of his top ten Nerf guns he wants for his birthday. So, I expect our arsenal will be growing. Hey, look! Another bell jar light!


Another pretty sunroom. This feels very southern to me. I love the lanterns.


Isn’t this kitchen so cute? I normally am not a fan of brick pavers in a kitchen, but it looks great here. I think it works here because it’s a rustic farmhouse, the walls are white shiplap and the cabinets are very simple. Also, the french doors bring in the outside. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a chicken walk by!


Here’s another view of this kitchen. It’s so charming. So, are you a fan of white shiplap and brick, too?






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