I love how that hot gold bling!

Right before Christmas, I finished a really fabulous mid-century kitchen. When I first met with my client, I said, “What about dark gray cabinets with brass?” I’m so glad she went with it. All of her choices were so great – it turned out so beautifully!

I love the brass faucets and cabinet pulls she chose. I think gold is coming back in a big way. We’ve been on a silver (stainless, nickel, chrome, platinum) kick for over 20 years now. For years, I hardly ever wore yellow gold – my wedding and engagement rings are platinum and if I don’t wear costume jewelry, I wear silver.

I’ve really been attracted to gold tones lately, whether it’s real gold jewelry or brass tones for the home. It seems like the brass that is trending right now is a more muted brass over the 80s burnished brass. I have to say, though, bright, shiny (real) brass is also looking good to me right now. Especially in curtain hardware. Aren’t these curtain rods hot?



An easy way to bring some bling into the kitchen is with brass knobs and pulls and faucets. They are easy and pretty inexpensive to change out (relative to cabinets and counters). Take a look at this kitchen by Celerie Kemble (love her!!!!). If you got sick of brass, it would be very easy to change out the faucets and knobs and pulls. The only thing that would be expensive to change out is the vent hood. It’s so pretty, I don’t know why you would want to change it? What do you think those brass rectangles are on the backsplash? I can’t figure that out. Do you think they are pulls on appliance garages?




Here is a  pretty brass swing arm sconce. I have shiny brass swing arm sconces in my bedroom that I got at Goodwill for something ridiculous like $12 each. Mine aren’t hardwired – I like how this is – it’s a much cleaner look. Isn’t the shade cute?




A low cost way to bring brass into your home is with accessories – they are so easy to switch out if you decide you don’t want brass anymore.


Hampton Designer Showhouse



I’m really loving brass right now. I have a little 60’s brass crab ashtray in my living room that I just love (no one smokes here, but I still think it looks sweet).  It looks a lot like this:



As far as jewelry goes, I keep it pretty simple – just my platinum wedding band and tiny white gold hoops with tiny diamonds is my uniform most days. However, I’ve been mustering up the courage to wear some yellow gold hoops. They just look so fresh to me. I’m thinking gold is going to be around for awhile. Do you think it’s back in style? Check out this article in Forbes saying it’s back. Aren’t these hoops pretty?




I think gold is going to be a strong trend and will be around for awhile.

What do you think? Will we all be wearing doorknockers soon?





4 thoughts on “I love how that hot gold bling!

    1. Gold is feeling very fresh to me right now. Cabinet hardware, light fixtures and faucets are an easy way to add some trendy bits into a kitchen – they are the easiest to change out. Why not go for brass? It’s so fun – I have antiqued brass pulls and knobs by Richlieu in my kitchen that I put in 8 years ago – I’m itching to change them out to a more modern golden brass!!!


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