I’m about to wrap up a colorful bathroom. My clients are a super sweet couple who just do not do white. Their bathroom was originally all white with 80s looking shiny brass everything. Not brass in a good way at all!

My clients do not have a white wall in their house – they love blues and greens the most, and they told me they did not want another white bathroom. They were looking for a serene, spa-like feel. They eventually chose a 3×6 glass tile in a pretty darn good match for Benjamin Moore Bath Salts.

BM Bath Salts 624

It’s a pretty, soft grayed down green. We are painting the walls in the 100% formulation of Bath Salts, and the ceiling at about 30% formulation of Bath Salts. I love a white bathroom, but it’s been a refreshing change of pace to do color! My Construction Manager and I were talking about how our clients love color,  and how most of our clients (like over 90%) do white tile and white walls. I don’t dislike white walls, but I don’t have one white wall anywhere in my house. I do love white tile, but I have to have my walls painted in some color. I have mostly grays and greiges on the walls – the only true colors I have are a soft mauve in one bathroom and BM Palladian Blue in my younger boys’ shared bedroom.

So, I guess you can imagine that as much as I love color, I would really like San Francisco designer Palmer Weiss‘ work!

Here is a lovely San Francisco home that was featured in House Beautiful a while back. I love the bright pops of color – so cheerful! Weiss uses a lot of white on the walls, it is so fresh against the saturated colors of the upholstery and drapery. Check out the animal print runner on the stairs!!!!!! LOVE!!!



My teeny tiny front hall is a chocolate brown right now – I’ve been itching to paint it a green like this for awhile. Isn’t it pretty? I don’t have walls that are perfect enough to lacquer like this.  I’ll probably stick with flat or maybe a satin finish. The less sheen you have, the more forgiving the paint is of imperfect walls.



Love the foo dogs, blue and white and the pop of yellow on the chairs!



This room is a bit more muted, but those yellow curtains really brighten things up.


Love the indigo of this sofa against the brighter blue bookcases. It feels so youthful. The orangey red pillow and edging on the blue pillows is a nice contrast because the colors are complementary (opposite on the color wheel). Weiss has a great attention to detail – notice the piping on the sofa and how it relates to the lighter blue of the bookcases and pillows. Details like this really are everything and make a room feel special.



This is probably a bit more muted of a green than I would pick personally, but it is a warm enveloping color for a study. I like how the red in the art is complementary to the green everywhere else. Love the rug – is that a David Hicks pattern?


The girl’s room is so cheerful and girly! So cute. Weiss uses complementary colors often. Here the pink is a complement to the green. They are the same value (darkness) but are still as opposite on the color wheel as red and green.


The sunroom is my favorite room in the house. It looks like there is a pretty grasscloth on the walls. I love the blue mixed with the raspberry accents. And that tortoise side table!!!!! So pretty. This room is just so fresh and welcoming and pretty. This is color done right! Did I say pretty?  Pretty!



Which is your favorite room?


2 thoughts on “Color!

    1. Isn’t that entry the best! I love the staircase, too! The Bath Salts bathroom finished today – I haven’t seen it all clean and pretty yet – I am hoping to get some photos of it this weekend. Thanks for the well wishes!


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