Moon River…wider than a mile…


Do you remember that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when Audrey Hepburn sings Moon River? It’s a melancholy song by Johnny Mercer about the Moon River in Savannah. I think the lyrics don’t really have much to do with the story in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but the feel of the song really captures Holly Golightly’s (Hepburn’s) sad feelings about her situation.

The Moon River is about five minutes away by boat from the Isle of Hope, which is where my husband grew up. We were down there this past weekend for a family reunion that was held at Wesley Gardens, which is a property owned by Wesley Methodist Church on the banks of the Moon River. The home was built in the 1800’s and was acquired by the church along the way. It’s a lovely house with lots of land and a gorgeous view of the river. The kids played all day and we had a great time with family.

We also said goodbye to the Isle of Hope this weekend. My husband has deep roots on this island. He grew up going out into the coastal creeks catching shrimp and riding out on the weekends to Tybee Island. His grandmother lived here for decades before she passed. She lived a couple of streets over from his father and step mother’s house. They are downsizing and moving to Atlanta soon, so this past weekend was the last time we will be in their home.

Here is the front of the house from the street. These are the MLS photos – they are good, but they don’t totally capture the charm of this house. I wish I had gotten one last picture of the boys on the front porch. Aren’t the live oaks gorgeous?



Here is the front porch with the haint blue ceiling.



Here’s another view of the porch.


Here’s the view from the front porch. Love that Spanish moss!


Here’s the back entrance, which is the only one we ever use. You go up the stairs and the door is to the left, which opens directly into the kitchen.


The Isle of Hope is so gorgeous, I’m going to miss getting down there regularly. After meals, we like to go on walks around the Bluff, which is just down the street from my in laws’ house. We walk down the street and turn to the left and we see this house, which is on the Bluff and directly faces the little marina store.


All of these pictures are not from me.  I feel like such a dingus because I didn’t take one picture.

I think a lot of it is that when you are on the Isle of Hope, you are a world away. My brain is totally turned off and I spend my time enjoying the beauty of the architecture and the environment. Pulling out my phone to take a picture is the last thing on my mind. So! I am grateful for all of the photos on the inter webs that I can pull from!

So back to our stroll around the Isle of Hope – as you continue walking down the Bluff, there is a string of these cute cottages.


Many of the houses are raised up, with the main floor on the second floor. This is because hurricanes are not uncommon and there can be storm surges that wash up onto the property. It helps to have the main floor elevated to avoid the water.


Here is the view of the marina. You can see the other side of the Skidaway River to the left.



This house is caty-corner to the bluff. It doesn’t face the bluff, but is right next to it. It was featured in Martha Stewart Living not that long ago.

Tin roofs like this in red or silver are very common. Many of the houses on the Isle of Hope have white clapboard siding and black shutters.


Isn’t this a lovely place to spend the evening watching the sunset over the back river?


This is where my  boys would be hanging out. I get seasick on a porch swing – my boys could swing for days!


Cute porch vingnette.


Savannah is so temperate, you could eat outside on your screened porch probably 11 months of the year!


Here’s the dining room. That chandelier is so elegant!


The fireplace in the dining room – I can’t imagine this gets much use!


Here is the living room. Love the paneling and the blue pillows.


Bedroom – again, love the paneling! And the framed pieces – hard to tell what they are, maybe intaglios?


Their view onto the Skidaway River. Gorg.



I’m sad that we are at a crossroads and won’t be going here quite as often. Wouldn’t you love to see this tiny gorgeous piece of the world?


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