Spa like retreat – green glass bathroom



Here is a bathroom that I recently finished. The existing bathroom was white, but it had 80s finishes  – it was brass, but not in a good way. My clients wanted a bathroom that was not white, and they wanted it to have a spa-like feel.




There are two vanities facing each other – one about 72″ and the other one is 36″. Guess which one belongs to the wife? 😉




My clients fell in love with carrara marble and had to have it on the counters. It’s so pretty, isn’t it? I love the floor tile they picked- it works so well with the cabinets and marble. We did a 1/3 offset running bond pattern for the floor. I love the sweet little knobs on the vanity – I’m so glad we didn’t go with any pulls – this is so elegant.








Doesn’t the glass tile feel like sea glass? It’s so pretty in person.




Isn’t this shower amazing? It’s about the size of my whole bathroom! It’s huge!!!!




Wouldn’t you love to use this shower everyday – it’s like a spa retreat in your home!




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