Atlanta Junior League Tour of Kitchens

This past Saturday and Sunday was the Atlanta Junior League’s annual tour of kitchens. My mom loves to go to show homes, so I invited her to go with me. Saturday, my youngest had a soccer game at 12:30, so I wasn’t able to leave for the tour until close to 2:00. I rushed over to my parents’ apartment building in Buckhead, which is an area filled with traffic, even at 2:00 on a Saturday, so it took me close to 45 minutes to travel about 10 miles.

I got to the building and pushed the buzzer at the main door. My dad answered – I asked him if mom was coming down. He said, Don’t you remember? We’re at your brothers? I thought you were picking Mom up here? Urghh! I didn’t have time to go back and get her – it would take me another 45 minutes to get to my brother’s since he lives near me! Argh! So, Mom didn’t get to join me Saturday since the tour was over at 4:00. She did join me on Sunday and there were some great homes that day.

I only had time to see four houses on Saturday, so I chose houses that were close to Buckhead. Pictures are from the Atlanta Junior League online brochure.

The first kitchen was pretty contemporary. They went with very high end appliances and plumbing. The faucet didn’t have a handle – there is a little light beam that comes out in the toe kick, you wave your foot to break the beam, and the water turns on – isn’t that crazy?

I like the color of the cabinets and the stone was just gorgeous.


The second house was cute, but not my favorite. They had a big island and then a “table” built out of cabinets and stone and jammed into the corner of the island. They had a great laundry room, though. The laundry had pretty dark gray cabinets everywhere  – cabinets for the kids’ backpacks and shoes, cabinets for cleaning supplies and cabinets around the washer and dryer. It was so organized – I loved it! There are no photos of the kitchen, just this:



The third house I went to was my absolute favorite from Saturday. It was in a little neighborhood of adorable homes that looked like they came out of a New England village (but they were relatively new). The kitchen was not that big, but everything was super organized and everything had a place. The cabinet designer was really sweet – she opened up just about every drawer and door for me. The colors were really pretty – the cabinets were soft greyed down cream and the stone was a gorgeous Taj Mahal quartzite. Loved!

Notice the ceiling – isn’t it gorgeous? There was amazing attention to detail in this house.




One of my favorite details was the backslash behind the range. I love how the quartzite goes from the top of the range to the bottom of the hood. Check out that little scalloped detail at the bottom. So pretty. The hood was amazing – it’s a limestone that has been crushed up and mixed with a resin (kind of like how Caesarstone is made). That way, they can use less of it – solid limestone would be way too heavy to use. I just loved how this kitchen was so soft and warm – it had a bit of a French feel to me too. Well done!




I got to my last house of the day at 10 minutes to four. This kitchen was really pretty too. The cabinets were cedar with a soft warm gray wash. The perimeter counters were a gorgeous Perla Venata quartzite. It’s amazing in person. I used it in the penthouse remodel – this stone looks good no matter where you use it!




In my next post, I’ll share with you the homes from Sunday – there were some showstoppers! Which kitchen is your favorite?


2 thoughts on “Atlanta Junior League Tour of Kitchens

    1. Hi KariAnne! What I also like about this kitchen is it’s obviously very nice and high quality, but it is an accessible look. I feel like I could take some the ideas here and put them into my home without it costing a fortune!


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