Atlanta Junior League Tour of Kitchens, part deux…


On Sunday, I had my act together and went and got my mom around 11am, which meant we had more time to see homes. It also meant we got to go out to lunch at Farm Burger, yum! I got the burger with tomatillo salsa, bacon and fried egg. Delicious!

Here is a home that is in a more suburban part of town. It is owned by a builder who bumped out the back of the house to enlarge the kitchen. Check out the counters  – they look like stone, but they are a quartz-like porcelain material called Neolith. They really did have the look of marble – but they don’t have the cold feel. The bonus of Neolith is that they are pretty indestructible according to the manufacturer. The slabs are super thin, so the edges need to be mitered – it’s important that you get a good fabricator to do this so it looks seamless.

If you look to the right, you see the dark wood cabinetry of the bar in the former dining room. There is also a baby grand in the room – you can just see the edge of it in the bottom right of the photo. This part was not my favorite – I think something like this belongs in a basement, not as your first welcome to a home. It was well done, but just not in the right place.



This home was designed by the homeowner. The owner had some really creative ideas.To the left of the fridge is a pullout that he designed that holds utensils. Notice the black french doors to the right lead to a butler’s – it holds two dishwashers, a double oven and a sink. So convenient – you can stash those dirty dishes there and close the doors to hide the mess when you are hosting a party! My favorite part of this kitchen is the butler’s and the ceilings. The only change I would make is to put a solid panel at the ends of the island rather than the two legs where you can see through to the stools. Very nice kitchen!




This kitchen was one of my mom’s favorites. I love the soft light taupe of the cabinets. This is just a soft, pretty, elegant kitchen. Topped off by an amazing vent hood! So pretty. And those Hicks pendants – gorgeous. This is just such a pretty kitchen. Don’t you find it interesting that none of these kitchens are white? Most of the kitchens I do are white shaker and only a couple on the tour were white. Do you think this is a leading edge to a trend? Are we moving away from white?




This was one of the more contemporary kitchens. This is really pretty, but it strikes me as a kitchen for someone who doesn’t cook that much and has their parties catered. It’s gorgeous design, though – LOVE the stone! Notice how it goes around the uppers over the range. Nice detail! Also, check out the butler’s to the right. Basically full kitchen there, with a door out to the driveway so the caterer can come in. That’s the life, right? 😉




This was another of my mom’s favorites. I love the creamy color of the perimeter cabinets. The two islands are so pretty – they look like pieces of furniture. Look at the door on the right that is just left of the range. That door doesn’t go anywhere – it’s actually the fridge! Isn’t that clever? The panel was made to look like a door to mirror a real functional door opposite it. Symmetry was very important in this house. Lots of special details here! Of course I love the two blue and white lamps on either side of the sink! Loves me some blue and white!




This kitchen believe it or not, was my mom’s absolute favorite!!! Mine, too. She usually loves very traditional, so I was surprised when she loved something a little edgier. This kitchen is by the amazing Ladisic Fine Homes. We saw a home by Ladisic not long ago at the Cathedral Tour of Homes. That home was the builder’s personal home. You can just look at this and quickly know it’s a Ladisic – he has a very distinct style. Notice the brass edging around the stone backsplash. Remember that detail in this bar area of the dining room here?


It was funny, right when we drove up to this house, my mom said, Haven’t we been inside this house? I said, No, we’ve never been on this street. The minute we walked in, we knew it was a Ladisic home. I love the attention to detail here – the rough-hewn beams, the iron windows, the brass trim, the raised wood bar on the island – I could go on and on.  Of course there’s a butler’s – it’s through the doorway to the right of the range. It basically was another, smaller full kitchen. I bet some amazing catered parties are held here! Every detail was amazing – this really was the showstopper.




Can you guess which kitchen was my favorite?


6 thoughts on “Atlanta Junior League Tour of Kitchens, part deux…

    1. Karen

      My house is pretty small too! One of the benefits of a small kitchen is you can go with higher end tile and counters because you don’t need so much!

      The whole time I was touring these kitchens, I was mentally changing all of the finishes in my kitchen! One of the hazards of my job! 🙂


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