I don’t know if this is just a southern thing – but folks down here are CRAZY for YETI!




Here is the version that has been a workhorse for sportsmen.It has become sort of a thing for everyone else, the way North Face has for outerwear. When we were in Kiawah last summer, YETI was everywhere.

Yeti cooler


From what I know, YETI coolers started out as the cooler of choice for fishermen and hunters because they have exceptional cooling ability. There have been pictures circulating the inter webs showing YETI insulated cups surviving truck fires with ice cubes still intact!!!!!


My father, the man who officially is impossible to buy gifts for because he needs nothing, has gotten on the YETI bandwagon, for which I have breathed a sigh of relief, because FINALLY I can get him something that is not movie tickets!!!!


For Father’s Day last year, I got him a YETI hat and little can holder attachment that you put on the cooler. Thankfully, there are endless cooler attachments and YETI gear that can fulfill my dad’s gift requirements for awhile now! 😉




Or, you could get your dad (or husband or brother) this:




So, is your dad as difficult to buy for as mine is? I think this is the fun kind of gear that most men can get excited about. What do you think – is this a good gift for Father’s Day?





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