I don’t know if this is just a southern thing – but folks down here are CRAZY for YETI!




Here is the version that has been a workhorse for sportsmen.It has become sort of a thing for everyone else, the way North Face has for outerwear. When we were in Kiawah last summer, YETI was everywhere.

Yeti cooler


From what I know, YETI coolers started out as the cooler of choice for fishermen and hunters because they have exceptional cooling ability. There have been pictures circulating the inter webs showing YETI insulated cups surviving truck fires with ice cubes still intact!!!!!


My father, the man who officially is impossible to buy gifts for because he needs nothing, has gotten on the YETI bandwagon, for which I have breathed a sigh of relief, because FINALLY I can get him something that is not movie tickets!!!!


For Father’s Day last year, I got him a YETI hat and little can holder attachment that you put on the cooler. Thankfully, there are endless cooler attachments and YETI gear that can fulfill my dad’s gift requirements for awhile now! 😉




Or, you could get your dad (or husband or brother) this:




So, is your dad as difficult to buy for as mine is? I think this is the fun kind of gear that most men can get excited about. What do you think – is this a good gift for Father’s Day?





Moon River…wider than a mile…


Do you remember that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when Audrey Hepburn sings Moon River? It’s a melancholy song by Johnny Mercer about the Moon River in Savannah. I think the lyrics don’t really have much to do with the story in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but the feel of the song really captures Holly Golightly’s (Hepburn’s) sad feelings about her situation.

The Moon River is about five minutes away by boat from the Isle of Hope, which is where my husband grew up. We were down there this past weekend for a family reunion that was held at Wesley Gardens, which is a property owned by Wesley Methodist Church on the banks of the Moon River. The home was built in the 1800’s and was acquired by the church along the way. It’s a lovely house with lots of land and a gorgeous view of the river. The kids played all day and we had a great time with family.

We also said goodbye to the Isle of Hope this weekend. My husband has deep roots on this island. He grew up going out into the coastal creeks catching shrimp and riding out on the weekends to Tybee Island. His grandmother lived here for decades before she passed. She lived a couple of streets over from his father and step mother’s house. They are downsizing and moving to Atlanta soon, so this past weekend was the last time we will be in their home.

Here is the front of the house from the street. These are the MLS photos – they are good, but they don’t totally capture the charm of this house. I wish I had gotten one last picture of the boys on the front porch. Aren’t the live oaks gorgeous?



Here is the front porch with the haint blue ceiling.



Here’s another view of the porch.


Here’s the view from the front porch. Love that Spanish moss!


Here’s the back entrance, which is the only one we ever use. You go up the stairs and the door is to the left, which opens directly into the kitchen.


The Isle of Hope is so gorgeous, I’m going to miss getting down there regularly. After meals, we like to go on walks around the Bluff, which is just down the street from my in laws’ house. We walk down the street and turn to the left and we see this house, which is on the Bluff and directly faces the little marina store.


All of these pictures are not from me.  I feel like such a dingus because I didn’t take one picture.

I think a lot of it is that when you are on the Isle of Hope, you are a world away. My brain is totally turned off and I spend my time enjoying the beauty of the architecture and the environment. Pulling out my phone to take a picture is the last thing on my mind. So! I am grateful for all of the photos on the inter webs that I can pull from!

So back to our stroll around the Isle of Hope – as you continue walking down the Bluff, there is a string of these cute cottages.


Many of the houses are raised up, with the main floor on the second floor. This is because hurricanes are not uncommon and there can be storm surges that wash up onto the property. It helps to have the main floor elevated to avoid the water.


Here is the view of the marina. You can see the other side of the Skidaway River to the left.



This house is caty-corner to the bluff. It doesn’t face the bluff, but is right next to it. It was featured in Martha Stewart Living not that long ago.

Tin roofs like this in red or silver are very common. Many of the houses on the Isle of Hope have white clapboard siding and black shutters.


Isn’t this a lovely place to spend the evening watching the sunset over the back river?


This is where my  boys would be hanging out. I get seasick on a porch swing – my boys could swing for days!


Cute porch vingnette.


Savannah is so temperate, you could eat outside on your screened porch probably 11 months of the year!


Here’s the dining room. That chandelier is so elegant!


The fireplace in the dining room – I can’t imagine this gets much use!


Here is the living room. Love the paneling and the blue pillows.


Bedroom – again, love the paneling! And the framed pieces – hard to tell what they are, maybe intaglios?


Their view onto the Skidaway River. Gorg.



I’m sad that we are at a crossroads and won’t be going here quite as often. Wouldn’t you love to see this tiny gorgeous piece of the world?

Taking Down Christmas


Hello! I hope you had a great New Year’s celebration! We go to an annual potluck in our neighborhood on New Year’s Eve. All the parents bring a dish and the kids watch a movie in the basement. It’s really low-key and just my speed. We usually leave around 10pm and are in bed soon after. I just don’t have the stamina to stay up until midnight anymore! 😉 On New Year’s day, we celebrated with a traditional meal that included collard greens cooked with ham (for money), Nathalie Dupree’s Hopping John (black eyed peas – for luck) and scalloped potatoes. It was delicious and we had leftovers today and it was just as good!

Are your Christmas decorations still up?  We keep our tree up through Epiphany, but I have to say I’m already itching to put the decorations away. Our tree is on its last legs (or should I say trunk?) and the needles are falling more quickly – I’ll be happy when our garbage collection takes it to be mulched. We started putting the ornaments away a few days ago – our tree is bare except for lights at this point. We are still playing Christmas music – Parker likes the Canadian Brass and my favorite is the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. (I got these ornaments at Tar-jay this year- I love the retro feel of the candy canes!)

I never feel sad that Christmas is over. The day after Christmas, I like to pack it up and clear it out until next year! Don’t get me wrong, I do love the holiday season – we get out and do holiday things, go to parties and have meals with family, but when January 1 hits, I want to move on and plan the new year.


2015 was a great year. We had a lot of change – I stopped working for Parker and took a job as a designer for a remodeling company. Going from working at home while the boys are at school to having to be at the office every weekday at 7am was a huge change. We are still getting used to it  – our meals have suffered the most, I would say. We used to eat a homemade meal every night at 5pm. Now, most days we are throwing together something from the freezer. I know that the best thing to do is prep on the weekends and make a few crock pot meals during the week, but I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. Thank goodness Costco sells pre-made pulled pork!

I haven’t set my goals for 2016 yet, but I think getting dinner under control is at the top of the list (and making lunch for the boys the night before rather than scrambling in the morning, too). We also want to paint our shed and get the patio redone too. I have this grand plan for the shed – I want to take down the wood siding on the sides and add windows on either side. One of the walls is rotten at the bottom, so we have to replace the wood anyway. I’d love to paint it the same white as the house and have climbing roses grow over the doors. It would make it so cute, and not so utilitarian.

Ok, just thinking about all that work is tiring me out! Thankfully now that I have my design job, we are able to pay people to do the work rather than DIY. After working every weekend for five years renovating our last house, I’ve had enough DIY! We are slowly working on our honey-do list!


I will probably work on my goals for the new year over this next week. What are your goals for 2016?


Happy New Year!

The year is almost done, I know everyone feels like it, but doesn’t it seem like it blew by so fast? Sometimes I feel like I blink and it’s Friday again, the week goes by so quickly. We celebrate New Year’s Eve in a pretty low key way – we go to a neighbor’s house – everyone brings a bottle of wine and an appetizer. The kid’s eat pizza and watch a movie in the basement, then eventually they all start running around outside. I’ve never been a fan of going out for New Year’s, so I’m glad we’ve got nice friends to ring in the new year with.

Best Wishes for the new year – see you in 2016!



Steering wheels and sunshine

My house has been so quiet the last couple of days. Parker took the boys to Savannah for an oyster roast. They got to go to the beach, ride on a boat and had beautiful weather. I got torrential rain and I had to work. Booooo! I’m thankful I have a job I enjoy, but I still haven’t figured out how to work full time and keep everything going at home. And I’m tired a lot – I have at least one night a week where I fall asleep before the boys do!

My ideal work situation would be to work five hours a day during the week and to be able to work from home when the boys are out of school for breaks. That is my dream! Yesterday I put 65 miles on the car running to tile showrooms, and then today I ran out of the office for a bit, and on my way back, my steering wheel got all crazy and was hard to turn. I was about 5 miles away from the office, and I don’t think my car would’ve made it there and home. Fortunately, I was close to home, so I drove straight home. It was at about noon, so, I got a mini break today! Hopefully it won’t be too expensive!

We are having an unseasonably wet and hot December this year. It’s been in the 70s lately, and I’ve had to put my boots away and bring out the flip flops! Today we are blessed with blue skies and 70 degree weather. It’s got me feeling like spring, even though we haven’t had winter yet! Here’s my paperwhite  – it looks like it is about to bloom. I got that boxwood topiary from an estate sale, the urn cost me a couple of dollars at a yard sale (I love the chipped handle) and the candle was a gift from some clients.


I can’t wait to smell the flowers once they bloom. Paperwhites just smell like spring, don’t they?

Is the coming new year making you want to refresh your home?

Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful day yesterday – we had a quiet morning with the boys. We don’t go crazy with gifts. This year, each boy got three gifts and a stocking full of fun things like whoopee cushions. Actually, let me amend the quiet part – we heard the sound of rubber farts all day. It cracked them up on the way to church, no less. My middle son is very good at make the whoopee cushion farts sound juicy. Boys!

The younger ones got little RC “drones” that they’ve been playing with constantly. My oldest son got a new e-ink display Kindle. I like the Kindle Fire, but I think he would constantly be on the internet, which is not cool with me. His kindle does go on the internet, but it’s just a black and white display – you can’t do much with it, which is fine with me!

After lunch, we went over to my brother’s house to celebrate with his family and my parents. Poor Parker was sick with a stomach bug, so he spent the afternoon in bed. He’s all better now, fortunately it was a quick bug. My brother has three girls under 6. They are very sweet and girly, and their house had an army of Barbies and American Girls that had taken over! It’s fun to be around girly girls – it’s so different than being with boys who want to battle with Nerf guns all day!

Today I got the most recent Ballard Designs catalog in the mail, and it has some really cute things. Isn’t this gorgeous? I loves me some animal prints! I would love to have one or two of these in my family room.xbench


Getting my house painted last week has given me the itch to update my bedroom. Since we changed our wall color from pink to Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (a warm gray), I’m thinking that I’d like to bring some dark blue into my bedroom. I’d love to re-cover my headboard  and get a bedskirt made in a blue fabric like this:



Isn’t this ikat pretty?



A pair of these end tables would be nice, and there’s lots of storage which is a bonus. I like this soft gray color. I think it would be pretty with the blue fabric.

Sidney side table

A pair of these glam lamps would spice things up! I like their retro Palm Beach look. I also like how the pattern is graphic  – it’s a nice contrast to the ikat pattern.

Estelle table lamp


Here is a great example of a headboard and bedskirt in the same fabric. This is Aerin Lauder’s East Hampton bedroom – isn’t it gorgeous? I first saw this room when Lauder’s house was featured in now defunct House & Garden in December 2007. It still looks great to me – it just shows that great taste stands the test of time.



Wouldn’t you be happy sleeping here?

Painting and Printmaking

This past week, we had the inside of our house painted. It it so nice to walk into a freshly painted house! When we first got our house, we had to have everything painted. The whole inside was this dingy beige  – walls, ceiling and trim! And, it looked like it had been painted in the 1980s and never been touched up! Parker had the idea that he would paint everything himself. He’s such a perfectionist, it took him a week of evenings to paint our bedroom (not including the trim!) And, it’s not a big room.

So, instead of taking months to paint the house, we paid a crew to paint the trim, walls and ceilings throughout the house. We didn’t have enough in our budget to paint the doors, so we waited on those. A few months later, we were ready to get the doors painted. I got up first thing in the morning, went to Benjamin Moore to get 5 gallons of White Dove in semi-gloss oil paint. Since oil based paint is really smelly, we didn’t stick around while the guys painted. Imagine my shock when I came home and saw that the doors and trim were different whites!

All the trim was right – it was White Dove. The doors; however, were a darker, warmer white! To me, it looked like Navajo White. I remembered that the guy who mixed my paint that morning was a teenager that looked like he had just rolled out of bed. Obviously, he didn’t pay attention to which formula he was mixing. Argggh!!!!! And we did not have the dinero to buy more paint and pay the painters to redo the job. So, I’ve been living with mismatched doors for far too long than I’ve liked. It’s been such a pleasure to see my doors and the trim freshly painted in White Dove.

We also had our bathrooms, the boys’ bedroom and the master walls and ceilings painted. The boys got a fresh coat of Palladian Blue on their walls and I changed the master bed and bath to Revere Pewter. I love the Revere Pewter a lot – colors really pop against it.

I haven’t put anything up on the walls yet. I’m rethinking what we put up, and I want to take my time rather than just eyeballing it and throwing it up on the wall. We like having original artwork around the house. We collect Duane Keiser – I’ve got four of his Oddment paintings so far.

He recently put a painting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich up for auction on ebay, and I was soooo tempted to get it! I hope he’ll paint another one next year – maybe I’ll put some of my decorating money savings into getting a painting?




The latest piece of art we purchased was a linocut print by an artist we saw at one of the Atlanta Arts festivals. The artist was at her booth, and she was cutting a new block of linoleum while people looked at her prints. It was fun to see an artist working! Her name is Nicola Barsaleu – she grew up in South Africa and studied printmaking in England. She currently lives in Florida.

Her work is so graphic and well drawn, we had to get a print. This is the one we got:



Doesn’t it look good on the wall?