Atlanta Junior League Tour of Kitchens, part deux…


On Sunday, I had my act together and went and got my mom around 11am, which meant we had more time to see homes. It also meant we got to go out to lunch at Farm Burger, yum! I got the burger with tomatillo salsa, bacon and fried egg. Delicious!

Here is a home that is in a more suburban part of town. It is owned by a builder who bumped out the back of the house to enlarge the kitchen. Check out the counters  – they look like stone, but they are a quartz-like porcelain material called Neolith. They really did have the look of marble – but they don’t have the cold feel. The bonus of Neolith is that they are pretty indestructible according to the manufacturer. The slabs are super thin, so the edges need to be mitered – it’s important that you get a good fabricator to do this so it looks seamless.

If you look to the right, you see the dark wood cabinetry of the bar in the former dining room. There is also a baby grand in the room – you can just see the edge of it in the bottom right of the photo. This part was not my favorite – I think something like this belongs in a basement, not as your first welcome to a home. It was well done, but just not in the right place.



This home was designed by the homeowner. The owner had some really creative ideas.To the left of the fridge is a pullout that he designed that holds utensils. Notice the black french doors to the right lead to a butler’s – it holds two dishwashers, a double oven and a sink. So convenient – you can stash those dirty dishes there and close the doors to hide the mess when you are hosting a party! My favorite part of this kitchen is the butler’s and the ceilings. The only change I would make is to put a solid panel at the ends of the island rather than the two legs where you can see through to the stools. Very nice kitchen!




This kitchen was one of my mom’s favorites. I love the soft light taupe of the cabinets. This is just a soft, pretty, elegant kitchen. Topped off by an amazing vent hood! So pretty. And those Hicks pendants – gorgeous. This is just such a pretty kitchen. Don’t you find it interesting that none of these kitchens are white? Most of the kitchens I do are white shaker and only a couple on the tour were white. Do you think this is a leading edge to a trend? Are we moving away from white?




This was one of the more contemporary kitchens. This is really pretty, but it strikes me as a kitchen for someone who doesn’t cook that much and has their parties catered. It’s gorgeous design, though – LOVE the stone! Notice how it goes around the uppers over the range. Nice detail! Also, check out the butler’s to the right. Basically full kitchen there, with a door out to the driveway so the caterer can come in. That’s the life, right? 😉




This was another of my mom’s favorites. I love the creamy color of the perimeter cabinets. The two islands are so pretty – they look like pieces of furniture. Look at the door on the right that is just left of the range. That door doesn’t go anywhere – it’s actually the fridge! Isn’t that clever? The panel was made to look like a door to mirror a real functional door opposite it. Symmetry was very important in this house. Lots of special details here! Of course I love the two blue and white lamps on either side of the sink! Loves me some blue and white!




This kitchen believe it or not, was my mom’s absolute favorite!!! Mine, too. She usually loves very traditional, so I was surprised when she loved something a little edgier. This kitchen is by the amazing Ladisic Fine Homes. We saw a home by Ladisic not long ago at the Cathedral Tour of Homes. That home was the builder’s personal home. You can just look at this and quickly know it’s a Ladisic – he has a very distinct style. Notice the brass edging around the stone backsplash. Remember that detail in this bar area of the dining room here?


It was funny, right when we drove up to this house, my mom said, Haven’t we been inside this house? I said, No, we’ve never been on this street. The minute we walked in, we knew it was a Ladisic home. I love the attention to detail here – the rough-hewn beams, the iron windows, the brass trim, the raised wood bar on the island – I could go on and on.  Of course there’s a butler’s – it’s through the doorway to the right of the range. It basically was another, smaller full kitchen. I bet some amazing catered parties are held here! Every detail was amazing – this really was the showstopper.




Can you guess which kitchen was my favorite?


I love how that hot gold bling!

Right before Christmas, I finished a really fabulous mid-century kitchen. When I first met with my client, I said, “What about dark gray cabinets with brass?” I’m so glad she went with it. All of her choices were so great – it turned out so beautifully!

I love the brass faucets and cabinet pulls she chose. I think gold is coming back in a big way. We’ve been on a silver (stainless, nickel, chrome, platinum) kick for over 20 years now. For years, I hardly ever wore yellow gold – my wedding and engagement rings are platinum and if I don’t wear costume jewelry, I wear silver.

I’ve really been attracted to gold tones lately, whether it’s real gold jewelry or brass tones for the home. It seems like the brass that is trending right now is a more muted brass over the 80s burnished brass. I have to say, though, bright, shiny (real) brass is also looking good to me right now. Especially in curtain hardware. Aren’t these curtain rods hot?



An easy way to bring some bling into the kitchen is with brass knobs and pulls and faucets. They are easy and pretty inexpensive to change out (relative to cabinets and counters). Take a look at this kitchen by Celerie Kemble (love her!!!!). If you got sick of brass, it would be very easy to change out the faucets and knobs and pulls. The only thing that would be expensive to change out is the vent hood. It’s so pretty, I don’t know why you would want to change it? What do you think those brass rectangles are on the backsplash? I can’t figure that out. Do you think they are pulls on appliance garages?




Here is a  pretty brass swing arm sconce. I have shiny brass swing arm sconces in my bedroom that I got at Goodwill for something ridiculous like $12 each. Mine aren’t hardwired – I like how this is – it’s a much cleaner look. Isn’t the shade cute?




A low cost way to bring brass into your home is with accessories – they are so easy to switch out if you decide you don’t want brass anymore.


Hampton Designer Showhouse



I’m really loving brass right now. I have a little 60’s brass crab ashtray in my living room that I just love (no one smokes here, but I still think it looks sweet).  It looks a lot like this:



As far as jewelry goes, I keep it pretty simple – just my platinum wedding band and tiny white gold hoops with tiny diamonds is my uniform most days. However, I’ve been mustering up the courage to wear some yellow gold hoops. They just look so fresh to me. I’m thinking gold is going to be around for awhile. Do you think it’s back in style? Check out this article in Forbes saying it’s back. Aren’t these hoops pretty?




I think gold is going to be a strong trend and will be around for awhile.

What do you think? Will we all be wearing doorknockers soon?




I want to be a part of it…New York, New York!!!


We just got back from a long weekend in NYC. One of the first places we visited was the New York Library on 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The Beaux Arts architecture is just beautiful. Check out those columns and the sculptures in the frieze. There is Parker in the blue sweater.

Before you walk up the steps, you have to pass between two lion sculptures.


It didn’t hit us until we walked between the lions that that is where the show, “Between the Lions” got it’s name. Ahhhhhh, I get it! My boys used to love that show! The New York Library started as a consolidation of the libraries of John Jacob Astor and James Lenox. It was through a $5.2 million donation to the New York Library System by Andrew Carnegie that the marble library building would be able to be constructed. Carnegie’s largess funded about 1,500 libraries around the country. We were first introduced to a Carnegie Library when we stopped in Eufala, Alabama on the way to the Gulf Coast last summer.


On the second floor there is a big hall right outside the reading rooms where there are gorgeous murals. Check out the stonework and carved doors. We were blown away by the craftsmanship. The millwork is just incredible.


This carved ceiling was amazing. How awesome is this light fixture?


Here is another mural on a ceiling on the second floor. Incredible!


I love this huge lantern in the stairwell.


Here is me and Parker in front of the giant tree in the lobby. Isn’t it festive?

A Roaring Good Time…

We recently went to a 20’s themed party at the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Christmas Showhouse. It was hosted by Toto and my friends at Specialty Tile.


This house was gorgeous. Even though each area was by different designers, it really flowed from room to room. Can I say this house was insane – 15,000 square feet! There are two laundry rooms and a million bedrooms. This was my favorite:


Palm beach preppy + animal print – love!


Here is a little dressing area in another bedroom – love the candlesticks.


Love the nailhead detail on the end tables.


Thought about sticking these in my purse, but it was too small… 🙂


This headboard – cray!


Love this wallpaper –


This was the floor – need to call my girls at Specialty Tile to find out about this – it was so cute – the tiles were really teeny, maybe 1/2 an inch – so cute!


Ok – this is a bedroom only for very quiet and sweet girls who would go up to the top bed and quietly read. You throw my boys in this room and they’d be climbing up there and jumping off over and over.

Pretty headboards!


This about did me in – all of the door knobs look like this:


Now we are in the master bath – check out the chandelier:


The cabinets – the floor:


The floor – seriously? Gorgeous!


In the master – aren’t these lamps insane?


No words for this – just gorgeous.



You have to go through a room that we called the man cave to get to the master. Here is the chandelier.  Incredible!


My husband could totally picture himself having a cocktail in here.


Trim on the curtains – beautiful!


There was a buffet and music by jazz musician  Joe Gransden in the basement. The most recent version on the Great Gatsby was projected in the background. There was a passed beef wellington that was worth the splurge.

The desserts were so cute. I didn’t try them, but I liked the stripes in the green dessert. Don’t they remind you of the Wicked Witch of the East’s stockings?


Here is the outdoor verandah. If they had had a fire here, I would’ve hung out here all night!


This is right off the kitchen – I think these eggs are very interesting.



This is my favorite space in the whole house. I could move right in here – this is the powder room off the kitchen/family room:



Maybe my bed could go under the skirted console?  I could make it work!


Lovely Christmas tree right off the kitchen:


And this – the quartzite counters are just amazing…


Sitting area off the kitchen – love this fabric-


A lamp in the music room – gorgeous!


This is the counter in the butlers – I don’t know what metal it is, but it is gorgeous!


There was a lot of taxidermy in the house – this was right off the kitchen. I think someone has a sense of humor!


The music room:


The dining room – I love the hot pink of the seat cushions – it invigorates a traditional room!


It was a fun and inspirational evening!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We hosted as we do every year. My parents and Parker’s cousin and his family came over for dinner. Parker cooked a 21 pound turkey that came out super juicy. We stick to a pretty traditional menu – stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes and corn casserole (the boys’ favorite – Parker’s cousin makes it every year).

My job was to get the house cleaned up and set the table. Fortunately, we keep the house about as orderly you can when three boys are off school all week, so cleaning wasn’t so bad. Setting the table was the fun part. Since our kitchen table only seats six, we set up a card table for the kids.

The kids ate on my Lenox Pearl Gold china. I only have the lunch plates which is a good size for kids. It’s a really pretty china that’s been discontinued.

Lenox Pearl Gold


For the adults, I set the table with my Deshouliers china. I’m still collecting it- I almost have enough dinner and salad plates for 12. I also used my silver flatware and cut glass wine glasses. Don’t look at the wrinkles in the tablecloth. I should’ve ironed it, but oh well!


I decided to run with a gold theme. Those chargers came from Target. I don’t know where Mr. Turkey came from, maybe Williams Sonoma? I have a red one just like him that was at the kids’ table. The candles are in Mason jars that a neighbor gave me. It was fun to bring out the good stuff – it was very festive!


After dinner my brother and his family and his in-laws came over for dessert. Afterwards we took the kids to see the light show at a neighbor’s house. It is really awesome. The lights are synchronized to music – he has about seven or eight different songs that play. It takes my neighbor all of October and November to put up all the lights so that he can have the first show on Thanksgiving. People come from all over the city to see it – it’s crazy.

Christmas House

The kids love it – we have to stay and see all of the show. It’s a really fun way to get in the Christmas spirit! We are going to get our tree today and decorate our house. Aren’t the holidays so much fun?

Christmas house 2

Not all kitchens are white!

If I am not working on a contemporary kitchen, I’m usually pretty sure the cabinets will be white shaker. It’s a classic look that goes with almost everything (except modern/contemporary). The thing I like about white shaker is that it can be super traditional or it can be spiced up with contemporary bits like the faucet or light fixtures.

I know white cabinets are all the rage right now, but I do still love a gray greigy taupe kitchen. I think gray/greige cabinets look best with white counters:  white quartz or a really white marble like calacatta.

This kitchen keeps it light by not having any upper cabinets. The open shelves and pale grey vent hood add to the airiness.  I like how the greys in this kitchen go a bit green. It feels very fresh. The island counter is really pretty too. My guess is that it is Danby marble, but it is hard to tell. Notice the large pull on the end of the island. I wish I had done this in front of my prep sink. The drawer on the sink cabinet is always a dummy because it’s got plumbing behind it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a long pull mounted on the dummy drawer so you can hang your dishtowel on it?

This kitchen’s cabinets are more of a yellowy-green beige. They look really nice with the marble counters. I like how there are some pops of contemporary in this kitchen – notice the faucet in the island and the acrylic chairs. It’s good to mix it up a bit.

This kitchen is more of a true gray with a bit of blue in it. Love the pops of taxi cab yellow against this gray. Also love the blue and white ginger jars – they go with everything!!!!

This kitchen is more of a true gray. The turquoise accents look really good with it. I like how the designer painted the island and the walls the same color. It is very calming. The quartz counters brighten things up and look really nice with the trim. It feels coastal without being too themey.

This is a pretty contemporary take on the gray/greige cabinets with white counters theme. I like how the clean lines still have a softness to them. The glass backsplash is gorgeous, but I can tell you it’s ‘spensive!

This is one of my favorite kitchens right now. I think the color of the cabinets is just gorgeous. It feels so light and airy with the (I’m pretty sure) marble counters. I love the brass and black accents – they give a bit of gravitas to the lightness. Or, maybe I’m just being hypnotized by all the pretty blue and white. I spy a towel bar – did you see the towel bar (maybe a bar pull?) on the island? I love this idea!

Oooh! Look closely and you’ll see that there are cup pulls mounted high on the cabinets to the right and left of the sink. I’ll bet those are dishwashers on either side of the sink. What a luxury to have two dishwashers! I could keep two dishwashers rocking for sure. With three boys, we do a minimum of three loads of dishes a day. That’s even with resorting to paper plates quite a bit (I know, I know). Sometimes personal sanity has to trump aesthetics!

This is a pretty farmhouse kitchen. The greigy cabinets, trim and shelves look pretty contrasted against the brass faucet and rustic table. The pop of black from the pendants is really nice too. This is an all around charming kitchen.

So what do you think about gray greige kitchens – are they still a thing?

Progress on the penthouse condo


Things are moving along in the penthouse condo! Here is phase one – this is the new condo my clients bought. They are living in their current condo while we renovate this space, and then they will move in here when it is done, and we will renovate their current condo. This is what will be the new den. The floor is being changed from engineered hardwood to tile that looks like wood. The engineered hardwood was held down with this incredibly sticky glue. Once the guys pulled up the engineered wood, there was a bunch of sticky goo on the floor. One day I was there, and my sandals were about pulled off my feet by all the glue!

The door to the left of this picture opens up to the new master. The back wall here will be covered with a glass subway tile. Below is the former kitchen that is being turned into a bar. We are doing gorgeous Walker Zanger mosaic backsplash up to open shelving.


Here is the counter – it is a Perla Venato Quartzite. It is SOOOO gorgeous in person – it am so in love with it!


Love, love love!


Here is the stone in the master bath:


We are doing drop in porcelain Kohler sinks – the holes have not been cut yet.


It is moving along quickly – we should be done in a couple of weeks – I am looking forward to seeing it come together!